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FURNACE/PLUS – Your furnace and process command center


FURNACE/PLUS – an innovative package of services enabling comprehensive management of furnaces and processes. You decide, you control, you verify, you evaluate trends, you collect data.

FURNACE/PLUS is a modular package of services that you define yourself.

Your furnace and process command center

8 reasons to choose FURNACE/PLUS:

  1. Analysis and control: With FURNACE/PLUS you have full control over your equipment. Additional data analysis functionalities help you to respond appropriately to current events.
  2. Collecting Data: All information related to your furnace is collected in one place. Historical trends, operational data, reports – everything is available online in the Customer Portal. There is no need to install additional software, all data is available via a browser.
  3. Automation: Increased automation of operational processes saves time and resources. FURNACE/PLUS enables the optimization of staff as well as furnace operation.
  4. Failure prediction: Thanks to advanced data analysis algorithms, FURNACE/PLUS can predict potential failures and recommend maintenance before a problem occurs.
  5. Management Center: This is the master system that manages your furnace, equipment and furnace lines. You have access to data, recipes, alarms and reports – all in one place.
  6. Production management: FURNACE/PLUS is the furnace and process command center. You can assess trends, verify results and make decisions based on available information.
  7. Individual Service Basket: You create your own basket of services which are important to you. Don’t waste time on unnecessary functions – choose the modules you need.
  8. The solution’s economics and ecology: When you use resources efficiently, you demonstrate that you care about the ecology and economics of production.


FURNACE/PLUS is your management center which allows you to effectively use resources and optimize processes. Choose FURNACE/PLUS and gain full control over your furnace!



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