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Increase of industrial furnace profitability with the replacement of a heating chamber


The heating chamber plays a crucial role in vacuum equipment for metal heat treatment. Its condition determines the general performance of the system, power consumption and temperature distribution.

Heating Chambers from SECO/WARWICK

Therefore, the condition of the heating chamber affects the heat treatment furnace profitability and the quality of processed details.

Modern heat treatment furnaces for metals are characterized by a long lifetime and thus long-term maintenance program is of particular importance. Improper maintenance schedule or incorrect use of the furnace or even performing particularly “difficult” processes can lead to unexpected failures and unscheduled repair costs as well as equipment outage. When the heating chamber is severely worn out, the need for its replacement or overhaul becomes obvious.

Increased process cleanliness, better temperature distribution, trouble-free operation, lower heating power losses, better heating efficiency, and increased safety are only some of the benefits associated with heating chamber replacement that can be summarized in two words: increased profitability. Global manufacturers of parts used in various industries who commissioned SECO/WARWICK with the replacement of heating chambers have seen these benefits. Sinter Metal Technologies, a global supplier and producer of ceramic components used in the automotive, power, construction, electronic, medical and transport industries, is one of them. Replacement of the heating chamber in a more than 15-year-old vacuum furnace made it possible to increase its lifetime and capacity.

Furnace modernization defined by SECO/WARWICK

“Many years of cooperation with trusted suppliers, like SECO/WARWICK, enable us to offer a wide range of high-quality products used in various markets around the world. SECO/WARWICK is a reliable business partner which understands the needs of these industries. Modernization of the furnace made it possible to optimize the device operating parameters, increasing its capacity while reducing power consumption. This ‘eco’ trend proposed by our partner combined ecological and economic approach”, said Olgun Tanberk Chairman of The Board, Sinter Metal.

“We provide modernizations and comprehensive overhauls both for SECO/WARWICK equipment and for any other solution and equipment for heat treatment of metals developed by other manufacturers. Retrofit of existing machinery does not only guarantee efficient operation of individual devices or entire production lines, but also ensures the highest safety level and economy of the investment. For Sinter Metal, replacement of the heating chamber was the optimum solution that will support cost reductions and improve the performance of the device in service”, said Katarzyna Kowalska, Managing Director at SECO/WARWICK Services.


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