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Join the webinar to learn how to increase your profits with Vortex® – the fastest way to transfer heat into an aluminum coil


There is no faster way to transfer heat into an aluminum coil than Vortex®. Physics and CFD prove this point. When it comes to aluminum coil annealing, faster heat transfer equals increased process efficiently (up to 40%) and higher profits.

The case for why swirling air can lead to higher profits will be presented during the 30-40 minutes webinar, conducted on Thursday, June 28th by Jack Mahoney, Coil Annealing Product Manager, SECO/WARWICK. The webinar will be followed by audience Q&A.  To register, click here.

SECO/WARWICK webinar Vortex Jack Mahoney


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Can’t attend live? You should still register –the recordings will be available after the webinar to all registrants.

SECO/WARWICK is a leading supplier of aluminum coil annealing furnaces and is a technology leader in the field with their Vortex® jet airflow coil annealing technology. As a vast improvement over mass airflow concepts, the jet airflow Vortex technology utilizes high velocity airflow to help speed the annealing process while minimizing hot spots on the coil, coil edge binding due to overheating, and minimizes oil burn marks. The company also claims a more rapid cooling technology via its proprietary bypass cooler technology. All of these things will be discussed in the June 28th webinar.

In addition to coil annealing furnaces, SECO/WARWICK is also a leader in the design and manufacture of log homogenizing furnaces, both batch and continuous systems, solution heat treat furnace, and rugged aluminum melt/hold/tilt furnace systems.

If you have any questions, please contact Jack Mahoney at



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