Your browser does not support JavaScript! Migration Siemens Simatic S5 to S7-1500 by SECO/WARWICK

Migration of PLC


S5 being phased out by S7-1500


September 30th is not only the last day of the month but also the last day in the life-cycle of the Siemens Simatic S5 controller used in the control cabinets of the SECO/WARWICK Group furnaces.

From October 1st, Siemens will terminate this model and discontinue repairs and sale of spare parts for the model. Therefore, if your furnace still uses the old model of the controller, we wish to propose you a replacement of the old Simatic S5 PLC with the new range of this reliable system – S7-1500.


The automation system is the heart and brain of the furnace, so take care of their condition and replace the controller!

Automation systems are responsible for the operation of the entire device, improve furnace operation, enable control over processes and facilitate them. Both the systems and the controllers feature a long life-cycle, however, when it comes to the automation, the changes in industrial solutions become increasingly faster and bolder. The first model of the Siemens S5 controller was launched in 1979 and was successfully operating until 1995. The family was replaced with the S7-200, S7-300 i S7-400 and so years passed. The product life-clycle ends now, thus it is high time for replacement.

Simatic S7-1500 is the latest development in the PLC range. This new-generation controller with modern system architecture offers new and efficient programming and configuration options along with the TIA Portal software.



Simatic migration

To put it briefly: By replacing the controller with a new model, you can avoid downtime of the furnace.

What is the risk of continuing to use the old range of controllers?

/ no spare parts or limited availability,
/ high prices of the limited spare parts,
/ no supporting engineering team,
/ high costs of equipment and software maintenance,
/ the gradual decrease in production volume and quality.

The risk of unplanned downtime of systems or machinery is very high with the controls based on the S5 model.



In comparison with the modern systems, production interruptions due to improper operation of the equipment are more frequent and the repair takes much more time.

Retrofit of your system gives you:

/ warranty coverage,
/ higher reliability and quicker processing of the automation system,
/ new software giving greater possibilities,
/ availability of equipment and spare parts, if necessary,
/ reduction of production interruptions thanks to the higher flexibility when it comes to repairs,
/ extra possibilities of expanding the system at a lower cost,
/ the flexibility of interoperation with MES and ERP systems.




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