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Satisfied Customer Awards Retech the Highest Complement: Repeat Business


Retech, a division of SECO/WARWICK Group, has been awarded the third contract in as many years from a returning partner. The North America-based company ordered a Four-Gun Electron Beam Hearth Melting Furnace. 



The planning, installation, commissioning, and subsequent successful operation and progress of the last two Retech Electron Beam (EB) Hearth Melters delivered to this same customer established for the company a trust and confidence in Retech’s dedication to quality and service. Along with that, repeat orders from a known partner reduce uncertainty and risk for the company. Put more simply, practice makes perfect.  

Retech’s Electron Beam furnaces offers superior throughput, particularly for large-ingot casting of reactive/refractory metals when alloying with metals having similar vaporization temperatures, whereas Plasma Arc Melting, although slower, would be the more suitable choice for dissimilar vaporization temperatures. Paired with Retech’s C-Shaped Cold Copper Hearth they offer the best high- and low-density inclusion removal in the industry.   

Initially, this Partner had cast a rather broad net in their search for the right furnace technology to fit their needs. After their first experience working with Retech was such a success, they felt less compelled to search so far and wide. And after their second experience working with Retech, a reputation for dependability preceded them. It is tough to beat Retech’s 60 years of experience as a technology leader, and even tougher once Retech has several years of experience installing, commissioning, and maintaining equipment right in their own facility. 

“We are thrilled to be an ongoing partner in this customer’s growth,” said Earl Good, Managing Director of Retech Systems. “We know they have multiple competitive options for their vacuum metallurgy equipment, so we take nothing for granted, and work hard to earn their business every step of the way. Ongoing awards like this suggest we’re doing a lot of things right.”  

Retech is the only supplier of vacuum melting equipment that can produce and assemble such equipment entirely in North America. Their integrated R&D, manufacturing and assembly facility in Buffalo allows them to do that. As demonstrated during the recent global supply chain disruptions and their associated risks, that is a big advantage for North American companies.  

Retech also has exclusive use of electron beam guns from Von Ardenne, the unsurpassed industry pioneers of electron beam technology. The combination of Retech’s EB hearth furnace experience and performance, and Von Ardenne’s market leading technology make Retech’s EB furnaces hard to beat. 


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