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Modifications, Services and Spare Parts for Aluminium 


SECO/WARWICK provides field technical support and replacement parts for all equipment manufactured inhouse. SECO/WARWICK has successfully provided both parts and rebuild services for other manufacturers as well. Technicians are available for equipment breakdowns, rebuilds, upgrades, relocating equipment, troubleshooting, and preventative maintenance.

/ heating elements and gas equipment
/ gas burners spare parts; UV probes, spark electrodes and complete burner inserts
/ motoreducers along with assembly sets
/ customized chain drives
/ oxygen analyzers and measuring cells
/ gas reducers
/ pumps and assembly elements
/ cooling units filters, in example for Bypass Coolers
/ high temperature bearing assemblies
/ load trays
/ control cabinets components; frequency inverters, PLCs, thermocouple modules, etc.
/ various designs of fans
/ and many more upon request
/ worn out thermal insulation retrofit. Same or better parameters offered
/ redesign and retrofit of load trays in order to meet new process requirements
/ existing loading systems adaptation to new delivered equipment
/ change of the old burner system and adaptation to current norms. Providing more efficient solutions, such as self-recuperative burners
/ exchange of electric heating elements in the existing equipment
/ retrofit of control cabinets in order to meet the most up to date norms and standards
/ exchange of electric drives for new models with higher ampere-hour efficiency
/ upgrade of the atmosphere flow inside the heating chamber thanx to the internal arrangement redesign
/ closed  loop water cooling systems installation in the existing water tanks
/ software upgrades, adding new functionalities or new interface development according to the Customer’s expectations
/ adding the protective atmosphere systems to the existing furnaces
/ adding oxygen analyzer or lambda probe to the existing atmosphere systems
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