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Aftermarket for CAB Systems


Modifications, Services and Spare Parts for CAB equipment

SECO/WARWICK provides field technical support and replacement parts for all equipment manufactured inhous. SECO/WARWICK has successfully provided both parts and rebuild services for other manufacturers as well. Technicians are available for equipment breakdowns, rebuilds, upgrades, relocating equipment, troubleshooting, and preventative maintenance.

SECO/WARWICK specializes in providing furnace parts of all types including:

/ heating elements
/ elements of ceramic insulation
/ gas heating system components
/ fan assemblies
/ thermocouples
/ muffles
/ conveyor belts
/ oxygen analyzers
/ fluxer parts: nozzles, pumps, flow meters, filters
/ electrical systems parts: frequency inverters,
/ thyristor controllers, PLC
/ complete sets of maintenance parts

SECO/WARWICK has the knowledge and experience to provide repairs and upgrading of a CAB equipment, whether it was produced by SECO/WARWICK or other manufacturers:

/ increasing the capacity of the CAB continuous lines with the addition of a Convection Preheat Chamber,
/ replace water cooled chambers with an air jacket solution,
/ replace fiber glass curtains by the strip foil,
/ upgrading dated control systems with the latest technology,
/ update the gas heating system following to meet current safety standards,

Our service team is to your disposal offering a wide range of services:

/ annual maintenance and overhaul of the equipment,
/ heating uniformity test using a data logger,
/ checking the brazing equipment tightness using Helium detection method,
/ technical support solving other problems CAB equipment and process

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