• Fire Resistance Test Furnace

SECO/WARWICK has the global engineering capabilities to custom engineer unique equipment for special applications.  

Our engineering expertise is derived from many years of experience, a fully equipped Research and Development facility, a vast network of complimentary engineering disciplines and partnerships with technical universities.  SECO/WARWICK is fully compliant with non-disclosure agreements and protects the confidentiality of each special project. 


While the possibilities are endless, below are examples of custom projects that describe our capabilities:

  • Fire Resistance Test Furnaces in a variety of configuration (horizontal, vertical or combination) for fire resistance test for suspended ceilings, celings, wall, columns, etc., designed according to specific heating curves.
  • Vacuum clean room equipment, vacuum forging systems, ultrahigh vacuum systems and other unique vacuum process equipment    
  • High precision testing chambers of larger dimensions (especially for outgassing, flamepoint and safety testing of military and civil equipment) according to specific customers standards
  • Thermprocess plants for heat process and manufacturing processes (pre-heating ovens and product dryers e.g.)
  • Windscreen heating & forming production lines


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  • Product materials
  • Laboratory Furnaces for fire resistance tests Laboratory chamber furnaces stands are the optimal solution in the implementation of structural fire resistance tests of building and ship constructions, horizontal and vertical components and safes.