Your browser does not support JavaScript! Pit Type Furnace with Gas Carburizing for Big Case Depths - Pit-LPC
Pit-LPC – Vacuum pit furnace for carbonizing thick layers in large details manufacturing

Vacuum pit-type furnace for carburizing large case depths of massive and longitudinal parts


Modern alternative for atmosphere furnaces – 21st century Low Pressure Gas Carburizing (LPC) Pit Furnace for large case depths

Pit-LPC– Alternative for atmosphere carburizing, which achieved the maximum potential. Pit furnace = cost reduction, taking care of the environment, production increase – all this is possible due to the process being carried out in vacuum and in higher temperatures.
This state-of-the-art pit-type gas carburizing furnace meets the most stringent ecological standards, while increasing the work safety through elimination of flammable and explosive atmosphere. High homogeneity of the process parameters has a direct effect on the thickness of the carbonized layer and, as a result, on the quality of the processed detail.

See what others do not see – win the market and gain an economic advantage

/ Lower your production and maintenance costs

/ Save time and increase productivity

/ Be environmentally friendly by shortening the process time

Pit gas carburizing furnace ensures:

/ Dedicated to: manufacturers carburizing massive and longitudinal elements such as gears, bearings, drilling tools and other elements requiring thick case depths
/ Addressed to clients who want to reduce their costs through elimination of unnecessary media
/ A tool for companies who want to increase their productivity while respecting the highest environmental standards
/ A tool for companies who want to increase their production capacity without purchasing additional equipment (1 Pit-LPC = 3 atmosphere furnaces), or save space by replacing three machines with on
/ Adapted to the client’s needs; we adapt the Pit-LPC furnace so that it can be installed in the old atmosphere furnace bay

Pit-LPC gas carburizing furnace ensures:

/ Efficient and effective carburizing
/ Time savings
Energy savings
/ Space savings
Higher safety of use

Pit-LPC meets the most stringent environmental standards

/ The highest process quality and uniformity
Excellent surface quality
No intergranular oxidation (IGO) effect
Reduces the necessary media to the minimum = savings
/ Quick high-temperature process
Minimum consumption of process gases
/ Fast process initiation, gas purging is eliminated
Time savings due to the lack of necessity to prepare the process atmosphere
Safety => no flammable or explosive atmosphere
/ Low heat emission and no pollution (CO & CO2)
Clean process
/ ECO Friendly

Pit-LPC infographic
All steels for carburizing
/ Wind turbines
/ Heavy machines
/ Shipbuilding
/ Railway
/ Mining, oil & gas

Low Pressure Carburizing – the green alternative to atmospheric carburizing

/ produces a significant reduction in carburizing time (up to 5 times) resulting in lower costs and energy consumption,

/ zero CO₂ emissions,

/ no intergranular oxidation (IGO),

/ saves electricity via low heat losses,

/ safe operation, no flammable or explosive atmospheres,

/ operational flexibility, work on demand, no idling,

/ minimum carburizing gas consumption,

/ low emission  of heat and by-products.

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