Your browser does not support JavaScript! SECO/PREDICTIVE – modern monitoring and diagnostics of devices

SECO/PREDICTIVE – modern monitoring and diagnostics of devices


SECO/PREDICTIVEThe risk of failure is affected by the reliability of your devices’ work and should be at a minimum. We know how important it is when you manage a company.


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Having the number of business decisions that you must take every day and the necessity of uninterrupted availability of your devices in mind, we have introduced the original SECO/PREDICTIVE system to our offer.

SECO/PREDICTIVE is an advanced, intelligent device control system that can detect potential failures before they occur.
SECO/PREDICTIVE guarantees high efficiency in supporting maintenance processes and ensures maximum comfort of use.


  • intelligent, advanced and fully proprietary device control system,
  • has the ability to detect failures before they occur,
  • minimization of unplanned downtime of devices,
  • compatibility with devices for heat treatment of metals and vacuum metallurgy,
  • an interactive calendar of inspections and maintenance work,
  • reports and analyzes functions,
  • remote access system.

SECO/PREDICTIVE is a solution for collecting data from intelligent sensors, saving them in the SECO/WARWICK cloud, and additionally analyzing the obtained information and optimization proposals that can be implemented in the device after its audit. The solution is completed with a remote access and notification system, a report and analysis function, as well as an interactive calendar that informs the user of required inspections and maintenance work.

SECO/PREDICTIVE provides, among others:

  • on-line device monitoring,
  • aggregated history of events and alarms from the device,
  • the SECO / PREDICTIVE mobile application available on Google Play and the App Store,
  • archiving data in the cloud or other indicated location,
  • tools for data analysis together with an expert system,
  • presentation and analysis of OEE indicators (dash board),
  • analysis and reporting of media consumption (energy profiles, cost report)
  • system monitoring technique, including:
    • heating (heating elements, working conditions, condition of the heating chamber, etc.), for a pump (work of pumps, leaks, system performance),
    • water (detecting obstruction, flow control, coolant temperature),
    • control automation (full system diagnostics, switching statistics, analysis and supervision of the network of connections, etc.)
    • transport (infrastructure of vibrodiagnostics of motor bearings and drives, about collision control, queuing optimization) media (balancing, supply, consumption control) etc.


version based on the Microsoft Azure cloud, guarantees the fastest return on investment due to the number of connected devices and related services. The system is a large database of various devices. Advanced data analysis algorithms ensure the greatest effectiveness in detecting potential failures.
The connection with the service activity monitoring system also allows the client to reserve resources and relevant materials in the SECO/WARWICK warehouse states, or at the customer’s premises to further reduce the time required for downtime. Security is guaranteed by built-in data encryption mechanisms, at the stage of data transmission and storage as well as the access security system updated online.


version based on local data servers, dedicated to the “unconvinced” or to infrastructures closed for remote access (due to internal security procedures). The system contains advanced tools for data analysis, however, this database is limited to the device on which the platform is installed only.

Contact our experts who will choose a package of solutions suitable for your machines and needs.

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