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Gas chamber forging furnace designed for heating steel parts placed directly on the furnace shaft at a maximum temperature of up to 1300 degrees C in a flue gas atmosphere.

General information:

/ gas chamber forging furnace,
/ Manufacturer Industrial Process Technology,
/ Year of production: 2021,
/ Location: Southern Poland
/  Furnace disconnected- ready for relocation,
/ Condition: the furnace after has not performed a single process other than start-up after the first installation.
/ We offer technical evaluation, relocation and installation of the unit at the destination on the E.U. territory.





Technical data


Batch window dimensions:
Width 800 mm
Height 400 mm
Usable space dimensions:
Width 800 mm
Height 300 mm
Length 1200 mm
Maximum stem load 800 kg
Maximum furnace capacity 400 kg/h
Overall dimensions of the furnace including installations and control cabinet:
Width ~3 000 mm
Height ~4 500 mm
Length ~4 800 mm
Furnace weight ~9 800 kg
Loading method manual
Loading level ~1 100 mm
Rated temperature of the furnace 1 300 °C
Recommended operating temperature of the furnace 1 280 °C
Heating speed of empty furnace 150 °C/h
Type of atmosphere exhaust

– power supply: 3/N/PE 400/230 V AC
– frequency: 50 Hz
– control circuits: 24 V DC
Installed electrical power ~4 kW

Heating system:
– number of heating zones:


– type of burners:


– total number of burners: 2  pcs.
– heating power of burners: 180  kW
– recommended heating power adjustment range:
– minimum power: ~19  kW
– maximum power: ~75 kW
– natural gas type: (E) or GZ50
– pressure at the connection: 250  mbar
– connection size: 1½”
– connection capacity: ~30  m3/h
Thermal door of the furnace:
– furnace door drive: electromechanical,
– door opening/closing direction: up/down


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