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What is an application for a roller hearth furnace?

SECO/WARWICK designs and builds roller hearth continuous furnaces for annealing both in-process and finished tubes in ferrous, nonferrous, and stainless steel materials.

  • Electric or gas-fired operation
  • Roller hearth or mesh belt designs
  • Ferrous or non-ferrous applications
  • Full annealing, clean anneal, spherodize anneal or stress relieving heating cycles


SECO/WARWICK roller hearth furnaces heat quickly and uniformly. No matter what the length of run or size of tubing, SECO/WARWICK furnaces provide even heating – end to end – as the work progresses through the furnace.

SECO/WARWICK furnaces are capable of processing a wide variety of tube diameters up to 10 inches/254 mm and lengths in excess of 100 feet/30 meters.  Wall thickness may vary from several thousandths of an inch up to an inch/25mm.  SECO/WARWICK will custom design each roller hearth furnace line to suit plant layout, process configuration and desired production rates.


SECO/WARWICK offers total control systems featuring PC/PLC integration along with graphic software packages and over temperature control instrumentation.  The computer relates a wide range of variables and provides a constant feedback for instant recall and downloading of data to a centralized computer system.   Temperature, tube wall gauge, conveyor speed, loading and atmosphere conditions are but a few of the parameters that can be monitored, controlled, recorded, stored, and varied by the operator with the push of a button.

The graphic interface, programmed by SECO/WARWICK, is custom tailored to exclusive requirements as specified by the end user.  All the conveniences of a digital display panel are combined into a single computer terminal screen with recording and retrieval capabilities available on demand.

If utilized to the full capacity of the system, the input of a customer order code number is all that is needed to implement a specified pre-programmed cycle for heat treating the entire lot of tubing.

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