Your browser does not support JavaScript! The most important informations and types of a fluxer - SECO/WARWICK

What is the fluxer?


The cleaned heat exchanger is covered with a suitable layer of brazing and flux mixture prior to start of the brazing process.

We deliver the following fluxer types:

Spray fluxers The spray method is used to apply chemical suspensions mixed with water. This is the most widespread method and the most often used.
Painting fluxers This equipment is specifically intended for heat exchanger elements that are not accessible by spray fluxers.

Immersion fluxers Some heat exchangers available on the market feature a design that requires application of flux to internal spaces. In this case, the spray application of the flux does not assure appropriate preparation of the joint for brazing. SECO/WARWICK immersion fluxers are a solution to this problem.

Electrostatic fluxers are an alternative to “wet fluxing,” as they do not require a flux water solution to prepare.

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