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Heat Treatment Furnaces


Heat Treatment Furnaces for heat treatment of metals

For over 30 years SECO/WARWICK has designed and built continuous furnaces and production lines for heat treatment of tubes for ferrous, stainless steel and alloy materials.


Process Applicationsprocess applications

  • Full annealing
  • Bright annealing
  • Solution annealing
  • Stress relieving
  • Hardening & tempering
  • Spherodize anneal
  • Tube heating
  • Hot piercing & extrusion
  • Preheating of tubes for SRMs


Furnace and Production Line Configurations

Type of furnace design

  • roller hearth furnace
  • walking beam/hearth furnace
  • mesh beltfurnace
  • special construction

Type of heating system

  • electric (resistance heating) fired
  • fuel (natural gas, LPG)fired
Adapted for operation with atmosphere

  • air
  • protective
  • vacuum
  • hydrogen
  • argon


heat treatment furnaces production line


The SECO/WARWICK Advantage

  • Custom engineered equipment to meet all ofyourunique requirements
  • Expanite® technology for surface hardening of stainless steel
  • Rolls that can operate at the temperatures of upt o 1230”C (225O”F) without a cooling water system
  • Cold testing is standard priorto shipment; hottesting is available upon request
  • Availability at level of 97%
  • Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)
  • OnlineService
  • Heating elements thatare replaceable without interrupting the process
  • Experience processing a wide variety of materials including carbon steel, stainless steel, lnconel, copper alloys, beryllium copper and
  • Furnaces up to 108 meters (354feet) long
  • Furnaces working under protective atmospheres (hydrogen, nitrogen, argon) standard vacuum and vacuum purge options


Control Systems

SECO/WARWICK offers a total control system featuring PC/PLC integration along with a graphic software package and over temperature control instrumentation. We provide not only the hardware and software, but system technology that produces highly reliable and repeatable tech nological process results.


for the operator


To the Operator

  • Functionality and simple operation
  • Full visualization of the furnace operation
  • Comprehensive management in emergency
  • lntuitíve interface operable for an inexperienced operator
  • lmmediate detection of variations
  • Custom setup ofall data analysis charts and printouts
  • Full integration with SCADA software 7 no need of extra
  • Software; the operator needs only one interface
  • Automatic creation ofthe predefined repons
  • Process simulation software ímplemented in one system
  • Fully automated operation – no human factor risk
for operations managment


For Operations Management

  •  Two level signaling of alerts – color coding allowing immediate recognition of risks and quick response to emergencies
  • Full history of operation
  • Operation time counters, advanceannouncements of the planned servicing
  • Thermocouple durabllity monitor
  • Utility usage monitoring
  • Broad but easy manual mode of devices setup to help with repairs and maintenance
  • System backups of entire setup enables archiving ofthe setups
  • Failure Monitoring, Recognition & Dlagnostic System