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SECO/WARWICK at their finest – 2021, a year of awards


In 2021, the global leader of metal heat treatment technology – SECO/WARWICK – received six awards – the titles of “Reliable Employer of the Year,” “Innovation Leader,” “Business Leader,” an international award for the Best Economic Expansion on the North-American Market as well as “Safety Laurel,” and the title “Employer – Creator of Safe Jobs”. The awards reflect the values fostered by SECO/WARWICK: SAFETY and STABILITY, INNOVATION, RELIABILITY, PARTNERSHIP and CREDIBILITY.

6 prizes awarded to SECO/WARWICK

Over the decades, SECO/WARWICK received several dozen awards, the fact that distinguishes them among other companies by constantly reaching for more, developing and striving to achieve their goals. The companies of the Group develop steadily and sustainably, regularly improving their results. Last year was unique as evidenced by the results.

The basis for this development is the foundation of the SECO/WARWICK Group – the values inscribed in the DNA of the company and their employees. The fact that the awards received in 2021 perfectly correspond with these values makes us even more happy.

“2021 was unique for SECO/WARWICK. It was the 30th anniversary of the Polish business, we organized the largest global online event for the metal heat treatment industry, and the number of orders and deliveries grew significantly. But during that demanding time of high activity, we stayed true to our values. These include Innovation, Partnership, Safety, Stability, Reliability and Credibility. Our shared efforts were reflected by the multitude of awards which also prove that these values are rooted in our DNA, said Sławomir Woźniak, CEO of SECO/WARWICK Group.

“The idea of innovation is represented by the Innovation Leader award which we have received for the fourth time. Our reliability was recognized with the “Business Leader” prize, “Partnership” is confirmed with the award for the Best Economic Expansion on the North American Market, whereas the “Reliable Employer” title underlines our credibility. On top of that, we received two awards for the observance of strict OHS standards and care for the employees – “Safety Laurel” and “Employer – Creator of Safe Jobs” title. These awards testify to our values of “Safety and Stability.” We are extremely glad to have been recognized in all five areas that are the key to our development and the development of our partners,” added Katarzyna Sawka, Marketing VP, SECO/WARWICK Group.


The values important for SECO/WARWICK are very universal. INNOVATION means action leading to the development of new or better products, processes, technologies, or organizations. In SECO/WARWICK, innovation is visible in our approach, thinking and performance, anywhere in the world, at any workplace and in any operation. Starting from technology to solutions, dynamic R&D, to environmentally friendly activities, we strive to help to make the world a better place.

PARTNERSHIP for the Group means that we honor the mutual obligations of the parties, founded on respect and responsibility, where feedback is highly important. This enables the company to ensure the SAFETY and STABILITY of reliable products delivered, as well as maintaining perfect and safe working conditions. RELIABILITY in turn is the key feature when metal heat treatment comes to mind. It is understood as not only the trouble free operation of equipment, but also as the reliability of a team that always uses all its capabilities. This allows SECO/WARWICK to be a RELIABLE and CREDIBLE company in any business relationship.

A Multitude of awards for SECO/WARWICK

Last year, for the second time, SECO/WARWICK was awarded the title “Reliable Employer of the Year.” This title goes to the best employers in Poland. For this company from Świebodzin, the key to success lies in a well-formulated and consistently implemented development strategy.

In August, at one of the most important events for the USA – Central and Eastern Europe economic cooperation “USA-Central Eastern Europe Investment Summit & Awards,” Sławomir Woźniak, CEO of the SECO/WARWICK Group received the award in the category for “Most Successful Expansion.”

“The award for the Most Successful Expansion at the ‘USA-Central Eastern Europe Investment Summit & Awards’ makes us incredibly happy. It shows that we have chosen the right path to grow,” says Sławomir Woźniak, CEO of the SECO/WARWICK Group. “The U.S. market is a key sales area, hence the presence of our three subsidiaries, SVT, SWC and Retech. We have set our sights on this region in particular, and our furnaces operate in major U.S. companies in such strategic branches as defense, aviation, and automotive. Our current order book indicates that the share in the North American market will grow significantly this year, and will reach over 30% in subsequent periods”, added Woźniak.

SECO/WARWICK is a company with a hundred years of history renowned for implementing innovative products that have revolutionized the metal heat treatment industry. The company holds over sixty patents which allow it to propose breakthrough solutions to its worldwide customers. From the very beginning, the philosophy of the company was founded on the development of products and technologies to meet the needs and expectations of customers or, to be more precise, to define and create together technological game-changers for the heat treatment industry. However, this could not have been possible without the engagement of our employees. As it is emphasized by Andrzej Zawistowski, one of the founders of the company, “SECO/WARWICK owes their strength to the people,” and we can dare to say that the Innovation Leader award was won by them for the fourth time.

Last year, SECO/WARWICK received the Business Leader title yet again. This is a significant local award that proves that the company is connected with its origins, its roots, credibility, and identity. “Business Leader of Lubuskie” is a prestigious contest in the Lubuskie region. The awards chapter recognizes the best companies in Western Poland who conduct their business in a transparent and honest manner and their success is a regional trademark.

The last two awards – “Safety Laurel” and “Employer – Creator of Safe Jobs” title – are the effect of the perfect job done by the company’s OHS team. Procedural awareness and care for employees – the most important element of a company as a whole – are the grounds for running a production business.

“We ended the year with six titles which perfectly reflect the Group’s DNA. What is particularly significant for us is that we can say that these are not just empty words, they are really the pillars of SECO/WARWICK operations. It is nice to receive honorable titles and awards, but this is not really our goal. We will continue the development of all the organizations within the Group. Development that is stable, safe, and credible. Development which puts partnership first – with our employees, suppliers, and customers. Finally, a development that makes it possible to create reliable and innovative equipment, commented Katarzyna Sawka, Marketing VP, SECO/WARWICK Group.



Business Leader award

Business Leader is another award attributed to SECO/WARWICK

SECO/WARWICK 2021, Solidny pracodawca

Reliable business is made possible by reliable people

SECO/WARWICK 2021, Nagroda

SECO/WARWICK Group U.S. expansion rewarded


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