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Global Automotive Parts Manufacturer Selects SECO/WARWICK


A global automotive parts manufacturer has purchased a SECO/WARWICK 2 bar, high vacuum furnace that will be dedicated to brazing operations in their greenfield facility located in the southeastern United States. The customer reported that the selection was made because SECO/WARWICK was able to produce a custom engineered system with an expedited delivery in time for the new facility opening. The system was accepted in December during on-site trials in the SECO/WARWICK Meadville, PA manufacturing facility.

Global Automotive Parts Manufacturer Selects SECO/WARWICK

Michael Lister, Vacuum Team Leader, remarked that the SECO/WARWICK high vacuum furnace is ideal for captive and commercial heat treating as well as aerospace and brazing operations.  According to Lister,  “These units are unique to the industry, designed with our proprietary linear clamping ring and other key components that do not use rotating shaft seals. By eliminating rotating shaft seals, we’re able to reduce the number of vacuum leak pain points for our customers who are concerned about maximum uptime and availability.”

About High Vacuum Furnaces

SECO/WARWICK designs and manufactures high vacuum furnaces equipped with high pressure gas cooling for solution heat treating, annealing, stress relieving, quench hardening, degassing, tempering, homogenizing, aging and brazing.  These furnaces operate in the range of 10-2 to 10-6 torr and are commonly used for a wide variety of materials including carbon and low alloy steel, iron based corrosion resistant steel, nickel and cobalt based alloy, titanium and titanium alloys, and light alloy. Each unit is equipped with an internal gas quench system and Allen-Bradley© PLC system with a Wonderware™ Human Machine Interface (HMI) that enables users to meet NADCAP. AMS 2750, CQI 9, and other industrial requirements.


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