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SECO/WARWICK – Reliable Employer of the Year


SECO/WARWICK, a global leader in metal heat treatment technology, received the Reliable Employer of the Year award, becoming one of the best employers in Poland.

Award for SecoWarwick Reliable Employer

The Jury of the Reliable Employer of the Year competition selects the best employers, in particular those who promote interesting HR solutions and share their experience. Working conditions, career perspectives, employee training and supporting their individual development are only some of the criteria describing the behavior worthy of the Reliable Employer title. Kinga Mann, HR Director, collected the award confirming clear and reliable activity of the company in terms of employment on behalf of SECO/WARWICK during the Reliable Employer Gala.

“The Reliable Employer of the Year award is a huge distinction, as it confirms that we are taking appropriate steps towards improving job satisfaction,” says Kinga Mann, HR Director at SECO/WARWICK.

Human capital as the foundation of success

People decide and want to decide about the success of an organization, therefore building employee engagement is a must. And so, two years ago SECO/WARWICK conducted a study on employee engagement and satisfaction, which has led to developing, in cooperation with the working groups, a comprehensive HR program. Today, employee engagement has become decisive for achieving competitive advantage as well as an important factor contributing to the organizational climate. This is why the participation of employees in defining the company’s needs has always been so important to SECO/WARWICK Group.

Reliability is in our DNA

“We are building on a reliable foundation. This motto reflects the company’s philosophy across multiple levels. Not only in terms of developing new technologies, but also in creating new jobs. Reliability is a strong part of the company’s DNA, after all SECO/WARWICK is where ‘Invention Meets Reliability,’” explains Katarzyna Sawka, SECO/WARWICK Group Marketing Director.

“At SECO/WARWICK we do not guess, we talk, listen and change. We create a common space for everybody – SECO/SPHERE. We invite there everybody who has passion in the DNA, interesting projects at heart and challenge flowing through their veins,” adds Katarzyna Sawka.

Investing in the employees, supporting initiatives that make it possible to release their potential, as well as access to state-of-the-art technologies and permanent cooperation with training establishments support development and improving qualifications. Providing the employees with comfortable working conditions translates into their well-being, higher efficiency at work and engagement, which constitutes the grounds for perfect operations of the entire company.


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