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SECO/WARWICK Displays New Technology & Professional Services at the 2017 International Exhibition on Heat Treatment in Beijing


SECO/WARWICK will exhibit at the “2017 INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION ON HEAT TREATMENT, BEIJING” at the China National Convention Center located at No.7 Tianchen East Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China on Nov 22-24, 2017.Visit booth 4C09 in Hall E4, where SECO/WARWICK will display state-of-art solutions for professional services and technology.



Heat treatment technologies

Heat treatment technologies of SECO/WARWICK

In modern manufacturing, Heat Treatment technologies assure that parts and components have superior metallurgical results. SECO/WARWICK’s portfolios of products have both a strong scientific foundation and a practical application of technology.  The equipment is designed to play a key role in manufacturing as high-tech equipment that operates automatically with minimal operator intervention.

SECO/WARWICK is a technological leader for providing innovative heat processing solutions that will enable customers to achieve the CHINESE DREAM of a prosperous country, a revitalized nation and a happy people.

The SECO/WARWICK Group expertise includes end-to-end solutions in 5 categories: vacuum heat treatment, atmosphere and aluminum thermal processing, controlled atmosphere brazing of aluminum heat exchangers and vacuum metallurgy. The SECO/WARWICK Group provides standard or customized state-of-the-art heat processing equipment and technologies to leading companies in the following industries: automotive, aerospace, electronics, tooling, medical, recycling, energy including nuclear, wind, oil, gas, and solar and production of steel, titanium and aluminum. The innovative solutions include:

UniCase Master® (UCM) is a new approach to reduce the distortion of gears in continuous production that challenges conventional case hardening methods with a single flow, precision case hardening system for high volume manufacturing. The UniCase Master® system adjusts to the size and shape of the particular gear in order to minimize distortion and ensures ideal repeatability of results gear after gear. It is a compact system, designed for high-volume gear heat treating, ideal for lean manufacturing configurations.  This system can easily be integrated into machining centers.

ZeroFlow® gas nitriding furnaces are available in a variety of styles and models. Our proprietary ZeroFlow® technology uses only ammonia as a process gas thereby reducing gas usage and minimizes emissions.
SECO/WARWICK gas nitriding vacuum furnaces achieve optimum results by using uniform high convection heating, precision nitriding potential and ammonia control, along with advanced load mechanics to process a variety of metals.

CaseMaster Evolution® (CMe) is a vacuum integral quench furnace available in two chamber batch or three chamber continuous workflow configurations used for a variety of heat treatment processes such as:

  • Hardening
  • Case hardening (Carbonitriding / Carburizing)
  • Annealing / Normalizing
  • Brazing
  • Special processes (e.g., brazing/carbonitriding, secondary heat treatment of powder metal components)



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