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Another SECO/WARWICK technological line for OAO BELAZ – the manufacturer of the most powerful vehicles in the world


OAO BELAZ, a Belarusian dump truck manufacturer, has again chosen SECO/WARWICK as its solution provider. The new device, an RLHE electric roller furnace, will be integrated with the technological line for heat treatment of large bearing rings.




Technologies for large-scale engineering

The new line, based on the RLHE-120.510.20-1000 roller furnace, is designed for heat treatment of large bearing rings with diameters from 980 to 1180 mm, which are used in the production of the world’s largest trucks, the dump trucks working in the mining industry. The whole supplied technological line consists of: a transport system with a set of manipulators, an electric roller furnace, a hardening press with matrix instrumentation and a control system with a master system for data visualization and archiving.

8 years of shared experience

The cooperation between OAO BELAZ and SECO/WARWICK began in 2012 with the delivery of a universal Pusher Aggregate for thermal improvement (quenching and high tempering) and normalization of APH-800 G forgings. Another implemented solution in November 2016 was a roller aggregate for hardening large-size press bearing rings.

SECO/WARWICK – a proven partner

The implementation of such a demanding project could only be delegated to a trusted and proven partner, as emphasized by Chief Engineer O.G. Stjepuk, First Deputy General Director for Technical Policy and Innovative Technologies OAO BELAZ:

“In producing such powerful trucks, we only reach for precise solutions. We know that because of our stringent requirements, the production line of large-size bearing rings is another extremely difficult project to implement. So again, we trusted the experience of our partner, SECO/WARWICK, our long-time collaborator who guarantees meeting the highest requirements that accompany our production.”

Difficult projects only for the best

“In implementing this project, the SECO/WARWICK team applied many years of experience and expert knowledge specific to the bearing industry and this particular customer and its production. We are pleased that the partner from Belarus entrusted us with the implementation of another, extremely technically demanding challenge, and that we are successful,” adds Jarosław Talerzak, VP, SECO/WARWICK Atmosphere Products Segment.

0.2mm precision for 450 tons payload

The experience of the manufacturer of heat treatment equipment has allowed OAO BELAZ to achieve expected extremely low deformation rates of hardened bearing rings. Results below 0.2 mm of deformation of flatness and ovalization of heat-treated elements were achieved. Precision is key here, as the SECO/WARWICK electric roller furnace will be used for heat treatment in the production of giant dump trucks carrying multi-ton loads in opencast mines. Among these types of vehicles, the BELAZ 75710 model with a payload of up to 450 tons stands out as the most powerful truck in the world.


The Belarusian truck factory was founded in 1948. Since 1960, dump trucks have been constructed and produced for the discovery and extraction of minerals by the open pit method. Throughout the entire history of the company, over 500 various modifications of open-air dump trucks and specialized machinery have been released, and 146 thousand machine units have been assembled, which were delivered to 72 countries around the world. Today, only the open dump truck product line with a load capacity of 30 to 450 tons has 13 series, which includes almost 50 models of dump trucks in several variations. Each year, BELAZ updates one third of its product range by improving the systems and components of serially released vehicles and creating new generation machines.






BELAZ, manufacturer of the world’s largest vehicle, selects SECO/WARWICK as a technology provider

Technologically advanced products SECO/WARWICK

It is in Poland where technologically advanced products are made!

Roller Hearth Furnaces for Continuous Heat Treating SECO/WARWICK

Roller Hearth Furnaces for Continuous Heat Treating


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