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Super IQ® premiere. This time, the American market will see a new generation of carburizing process


Super IQ® is better: No flames and no endogas. Higher temperatures increase speed and throughput.



SECO/VACUUM Technologies, SECO/WARWICK Group’s company, is pleased to introduce to the North American market Super IQ® (integral quench furnace), the industry’s next-generation carburizing furnace with more built-in features to simplify your life.
The American premiere will take place at ASM2019 (booth: 1209/1207) in Detroit.

The Super IQ offers all the benefits of low pressure carburizing with none of the added costs. The system combines clean processing with the exceptional performance of oil quenching using the most innovative integral quench furnace design in decades. With a Super IQ, users get super-clean parts while still getting the benefit of a simple atmosphere oil quench without any additional costs.

According to Jarosław Talerzak Vice-President Business Segment Thermal, SECO/WARWICK, “The concept for a new alternative to the integral quench furnace was born of calls from heat treatment facility managers and owners demanding a cleaner, faster, more efficient method for carburizing. We introduced the Super IQ this year with a multitude of benefits over traditional methods, especially productivity: Because the Super IQ operates at higher temperature ranges, heat treaters can expect faster cycle times which translates into a more productive work center.”

Built-in benefits of Super IQ, the modern replacement for gas-fired integral quench include:

/ Carburizing with no flames and no endogas,
/ Turn it on, turn it off – no idling or conditioning,
/ Clean, cool, contained thermal cycling in vacuum,
/ Nominal temperatures up to 2000ºF,
/ Integral quench using standard quench oils.

The Super IQ furnace is a hybrid system combining, in a single furnace, the best traits of a conventional IQ furnace with the clean processing of SECO/WARWICK’s Casemaster Evolution® multi-chamber vacuum furnace (flagship product on SECO/WARWICK Group’s portfolio). It is primarily designed for carburizing processes at elevated temperatures and hardening. The furnace features a traditional vestibule with automatic loading and oil quench, plus a vacuum-tight heating chamber and an oil quench. The furnace is designed so that it can be seamlessly integrated into an installed line of conventional furnaces using an existing loading system.

The Super IQ® will be offered to the American market from SECO/VACUUM Technologies LLC (SVT), a fully-owned entity of SECO/WARWICK Group.



Pioneering solutions: Super IQ® and UCM® 4D Quench®

Pioneering solutions: Super IQ® and UCM® 4D Quench® at October’s industry shows

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Two new process solutions that solve every day heat treat problems

Super-IQ integral quench furnace.

Super IQ’s main advantage over traditional IQ furnaces is its potential to reduce the…


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