Your browser does not support JavaScript! The heart of SECO/WARWICK started beating 25 years ago - The American dream in Poland

The heart of SECO/WARWICK started beating 25 years ago – The American dream in Poland


25 years ago the heart of SECO/WARWICK started beating for the first time. In 1991 the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE) was established, Poland was admitted to the Council of Europe, the first ever e-mail in Poland was sent, and the SECO/WARWICK company was founded in Świebodzin.

The heart of SECOWARWICK started beating 25 years ago - The American dream in Poland

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Since the beginning, the company’s operating philosophy has been based on the development of products and technologies in  order to meet all the needs and expectations of customers, and in essence to define them together and create a  technological heat treatment empire. Today, SECO/WARWICK based in Świebodzin is a global company operating in over 70 countries around the world on 4  continents. In the heat treatment industry the company is renowned for implementing innovations which change the  technologies that have been in use for over 50 years.


SECO/WARWICK owes its strength to talented engineers who are provided with excellent research and development conditions  for creating, testing, analyzing and marketing inventions. The Świebodzin-based company completely negates the opinion that  Poles are unable to collaborate with the world of science and are not eager to do so. SECO/WARWICK cooperates with  technical universities, science centers and research institutes around the world, in Western Europe as well as in China and  all over Asia. The company actively carries out a cooperation program with Poznan University of Technology, Lodz University  of Technology, the Institute of Electronic Materials Technology in Warsaw, Institut für Metallformung TU Bergakademie in  Freiberg, Germany, Warsaw University of Technology, Central South University in China and the National Research Saratov  State University in Russia.


It is no wonder that SECO/WARWICK was featured in the top ten of innovator leaders according to “Rzeczpospolita” daily  newspaper ranking and claimed the first place in the ranking of innovative companies in the Lubuskie Voivodship. The current level of SECO/WARWICK’s engineering solutions is the mixture of the experience and continued, creative  development of the Group companies over the years. It is worth to recalling the experience of companies in the Group, i.e.  the hundred-year output of SECO/WARWICK Corp., Elterma’s sixty years of experience and twenty-years worth of creative  contributions of SECO/WARWICK Sp. z o.o. and later S.A. The uniqueness of acquired technologies and experiences of the  CAMLAW company in the area of CAB furnaces, as well as Retech’s (the leader in the area of titanium and high-grade metal  alloy metallurgy equipment manufacturing) have only strengthened the company’s technological edge on the market. Some of  SECO/WARWICK’s projects relate to completely new, advanced technologies which have been unavailable on the market until  now, e.g. the production of graphene.


1991 – The joint venture company SECO/WARWICK Sp. z o.o. commences its business in Poland
2002 – SECO/WARWICK takes over the intellectual property and brand name of CAMLAW Ltd.
2003 – SECO/WARWICK acquires 100% of shares in the ELTERMA S.A. company
2004 – The establishment of the first sales and service office in Moscow.
2005 – SECO/WARWICK acquires 100% of the American company.
2006 – SECO/WARWICK creates a joint-venture with the Chinese company Tianjin Kama Electric hereinafter named as  SECO/WARWICK (Tianjin) Industrial Furnace Co., Ltd.
2007 – SECO/WARWICK Sp. z o.o. is transformed into SECO/WARWICK S.A. and since the 5th of December is listed on the  Warsaw Stock Market.
2007 – SWSA acquires 50% of shares in the American company Retech LLC from California, the global leader in vacuum  metallurgy.
2008 – SWSA establishes a joint venture with the India- based company Allied Consulting Engineers Pvt. Ltd. Now known in India as SECO/WARWICK Allied.
2010 – SWSA together with Retech LLC opens a new company in China, SECO/WARWICK Retech Thermal Equipment Manufacturing Tianjin Co., Ltd.
2010 – SWSA acquires 100% ownership in the Retech LLC company.
2011 – The company LTZ Elterma SA is converted into SW ThermAl S.A.
2012 – SECO/WARWICK S.A. and SW ThermAL S.A combine and SECO/WARWICK S.A becomes a holding company.
2013 – SECO/WARWICK establishes the Brazilian based company SECO/WARWICK do Brasil in Jundiai.
2014 – SECO/WARWICK Germany is established.
2015 – Another European expansion and creation of SECO/WARWICK France.
2016 – Appointment of a new SECO/WARWICK business entity in charge of post-sale servicing for users/customers of heat treatment solutions.


SECO/WARWICK developed out of Świebodzin’s technological tradition. Such roots cannot be forgotten, so because of its 25th anniversary, the company decided to make its symbolic contribution tto the building of a  monument of the famous Cloth Maker, so that tradition is upheld so that neither the citizens of Świebodzin, nor the rest of  the world does not forget that only 100 years ago this place was filled with numerous cloth factories. The Świebodzin  cloths were written up by Henryk Sienkiewicz himself. Despite the theft and destruction of cloth making equipment during  the war, the technical traditions of Świebodzin have survived and were continued in other branches of the industry by  companies such as ELTERMA, and currently SECO/WARWICK.


Today, SECO/WARWICK from Świebodzin is a global business with companies in China, India, United States, Germany, France,  Russia and Brazil, selling its solutions on every continent and in over 70 countries. The company has nearly 3500  implemented solutions. Its success is the result of the hard work of nearly 1000 people, 425 of which work in the company’s  European divisions.


In the opinion of specialists, the company’s image as a trustworthy business partner, a supplier of technologically  advanced solutions and, what is important to its Polish headquarters, a good employer, has been built by SECO/WARWICK for  many years now but most recently this image has translated to a strong presence in industry, business and local media. The  correct course of the company’s development is also confirmed by numerous business and economic awards for innovations, IT  systems, safety and investments in employees, many of which are given to the company each year. It is impossible to list
all of them, but it is worth mentioning at least the recent Business Gazelles and the title of Trustworthy Company. Both  those awards confirm the company’s stable financial situation and strong market position, recognize its business  achievements, but most of all the quality of services provided and distinguishing approach to the customer. SECO/WARWICK is  also one of those companies, which was able to creatively develop received or purchased technologies, conduct its own  unique R&D, expansively invest in new production undertakings around the world, taking on the western company’s responsibilities as the technological and business center on a global scale. At SECO/WARWICK we do not compete in terms of  price but using the latest technologies, and even though the company continues to develop technologies associated with heat  treatment, its innovativeness is not limited exclusively to the creation of a state-of-the-art furnace, but branches out to  entire production lines, advanced control systems and machines, which ensure operational continuity, reliability and the  ability to change the configuration depending on the customer’s needs and expectations. Those modern solutions made in  SECO/WARWICK are used all over the world by large businesses, potentates of the automotive, aviation, chemical, atomic  ower markets and every other branch of industry which uses heat treatment processes. The history of SECO/WARWICK today is  the history of thousands of implemented solutions and dozens of patents. A history of success based on hard work, ingenuity  and consistency. However, most of all, it is a history with a bright future ahead of it, which we are only about to  discover.


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