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Preventive maintenance contract


SECO/WARWICK offers Preventive Maintenance Contracts as an added layer of customer support, proactively identifying and remedying possible issues or concerns before they compromise furnace operation or safety.

The Benefits of a SECO/WARWICK Preventive Maintenace Contract include:

  • Customers select a one- or two-visit-per-year plan, depending on the number of furnaces.
  • For each field service visit, the service engineer inspects the entire furnace system, including combustion, mechanical, electrical, and safety components. They identify missing, damaged, or defective parts, then replace those parts.
  • They conduct a safety inspection, ensuring that all equipment meets NFPA (National Fire Prevention Association) standards.
  • Each preventive maintenance visit is an opportunity for the customer’s in-house maintenance crew to observe and learn from the SECO/WARWICK service engineer.
  • One individual service engineer is assigned to that account to ensure familiarity with the customer and their equipment.
  • At first visit, the service engineer and customer will coordinate and plan the preventive maintenance schedule to conform to the customer’s existing productions schedule and maintenance downtime.
  • Available for any brand of furnace, not just SECO/WARWICK furnaces.
  • SECO/WARWICK preventive maintenance contract customers also benefit from 10% off all parts prices.
  • All pricing at time of contract signing is locked in for the contract year.

 For more information please contact:

Phone:  814-332-8475

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