• Heat Treat Furnace Parts and Alloy Fabrications

    Heat Treat Furnace Parts Alloy Fabrications

  • Graphite components and Replacement Hot Zones

    Vacuum Furnace Repair & Maintenance Graphite Components and Replacement Hot Zones

  • aircooledbearing

    Roller Hearth Furnace Repair and Maintenance Air Cooled Bearing and Roll Assemblies

  • Sinuous Loop Heating Elements

    Electric Furnace Repairs & Maintenance Sinuous Loop Heating Elements

  • Page1012radmuffle

    CAB Brazing Furnace Repair & Maintenance Alloy Muffles for Radiation & Convection Furnaces

  • page10bayonet

    Bayonet Heating Elements Zur Heating Element

  • bestmeshbelt

    Heat Treat Furnace Repair and Maintenance Mesh Belts

  • page10curtain3

    Furnace Curtains Removable Stainless Steel Chamber Curtains

  • fanwheel

    Aluminum Furnace Repair and Maintenance Fan Wheels and Fan Plugs

  • HOOD

    Bell Furnace Repair and Maintenance Replacement Hoods

  • camlawmuffle2

    CAMLAW Muffle Radiation CAB Brazing Muffle

SECO/WARWICK can provide furnace parts for heat treatment and aluminum melting & holding furnace repair and maintenance.

Technical assistance is available for equipment breakdowns, rebuilds, upgrades, trouble shooting and preventative maintenance through our Aftermarket Services.

We provide genuine replacement parts and documentation for SECO/WARWICK, ELTERMA and CAMLAW brand equipment.  Click here for more information on our proprietary Bayonet Heating Elements


We specialize in a variety of spare parts and fabrications including:

  • Vacuum hot zones
  • CAB muffles for radiation, convection and Active Only furnaces for both SECO/WARWICK and CAMLAW brand furnaces
  • Fan plug Assemblies,fan wheels, shafts
  • Bearings
  • Radiant tube assemblies
  • Ceramics
  • Silicon carbide hearth plates
  • Furnace retorts
  • Furnace curtains
  • Thermocouples
  • Bayonet heating elements
  • Recuperative burners
  • Furnace rolls
  • Maintenance agreements
  • Activated alumina catalyst
  • Moly heating elements
  • Graphite heating elements

We can provide spare parts for all SECO/WARWICK brand equipment installed worldwide through our global network.

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  • Product materials
  • Bayonet Heating Elements A reliable and efficient solution for electric heating applications for Sunbeam, SECO/WARWICK and Camlaw furnaces; may be fitted to most manufacturer's equipment