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VAB furnace with multi chambers

VAB Multi-Chamber Vacuum Furnace

VAB Multi-Chamber Modular Furnace

The VAB multi-chamber furnace is a modular unit designed to be customized to meet the specific requirements of the customer, particularly for high-volume, high-capacity production. The underlying concept of the process, which utilizes no flux (no flux technology) and significantly enhances environmental safety, mirrors that of a chamber furnace. However, the multiplication of chambers allows for a substantial increase in capacity, achieved, for example, by incorporating additional heating or post-cooling chambers, resulting in time savings.

The VAB-type multi-chamber vacuum furnace is a continuous furnace designed for brazing aluminum components in multi-batch quantities, featuring a rectangular housing. It comprises multiple chambers, each aimed at reducing process duration. In the basic configuration of such a furnace, there is a loading chamber serving as a preheating and potentially a de-oiling chamber. Subsequently, there are the process, discharge, and cooling chambers. All chambers, except the cooling chamber, are closely interconnected, facilitating the transportation of parts between chambers under vacuum conditions. The loading, process, and unloading chambers are equipped with a multi-zone heating system, enabling precise control and temperature regulation in each chamber. Each chamber has an independent drive mechanism. The heating chamber consists of removable metal panels housing heating elements made of heating tapes. For easy access to the furnace, individual chambers are equipped with inspection doors allowing quick access to the furnace interior without uncoupling the chambers. Soldered parts are placed on fixtures in the form of brazes, suspended from rails. The furnace’s modular design allows for expansion with additional preheating chambers to further reduce process time and seamless integration with an automatic conveyor system operating in a closed system.

The VAB multi-chamber oven addresses the needs of customers seeking the highest efficiency and accommodating high production volumes. The capability to utilize a variable number of chambers enables the unit to be customized according to customer requirements.

/ Repeatability of results,
Robust and durable brazed connections,
Modular design,
/ Cleanliness of parts with no oxidation,
High productivity,
Flexibility in process guidance,
Automation capabilities,
Solutions for rapid maintenance,
Fast cycles with high vacuum,
High quality and optimal surface protection of parts,
Low consumption of energy, process gases, and other utilities,
Environmentally friendly with minimal process gas emissions,
Simple, modular design tailored and adapted to the tasks and conditions of the plant,
Guaranteed quality and reproducible process results,
Preventive maintenance support,
Remote control and monitoring,
Quick delivery and easy installation,
Customizable to customer requirements.

/ Standard horizontal capacity of 1400 kg and more,
/ Operating temperature: – 650°C,
/ Temperature uniformity: +/-3°C,
/ Uniform and efficient radiation heating,
/ Partial pressure control,
/ High vacuum processing up to 10-5 mbar,
/ Cooling gases: N2,
/ Metal rectangular heating zone/ Computerized control system (PLC+IPC), operator-friendly,
/ Compliance with global industry standards,
/ Horizontal orientation,
/ Metal rectangular heating zone.

Vacuum fluxless brazing offers the advantages of eliminating flux inclusions and designing blind cavities, winding paths, and small transitions in brazed parts without the detrimental effects associated with flux removal and trapping after brazing. Precise temperature control makes it possible to leverage the narrow soldering temperature range available for this type of material, achieving excellent solder joints. The blast furnace is additionally an all-in-one device capable of employing multiple solutions (de-oiling, preheating, brazing, sub-cooling, cooling, and sub-cooling).

SecoVac Automatic Furnace Control System: Maintenance and Control Functions

/ Functional, user-friendly, intuitive system
/ Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
/ Full visualization and comprehensive management of emergency situations
/ Automatic generation of predefined reports (graphical or numerical) with export to external files
/ Hierarchy of user access levels
/ Remote control and monitoring
/ Individual configuration of all data analysis charts and printouts
/ Full integration with SCADA software – no need to install additional software

SecoVac Automatic Furnace Control System: Production Functions

/ Friendly programming of furnace system processes
/ Advanced process management with an unlimited number of recipes
/ System protects against the erroneous selection of technological programs

Operational Functions:

/ Operating time counters with the ability to schedule periodic inspections
/ Support for multiple languages
/ Thermocouple life monitoring
/ Stored history of unit operation
/ Monitoring of media consumption with optional refill warnings
/ Two-stage warning alarm system – color-coding for immediate identification of alarms
/ Easy system backup

Management Features:

/ Integration with higher-level management systems
/ Data security through different levels of user access
/ Production optimization based on collected information
/ Reduced operator workload through production automation
/ Programmable delay of process start time/date with GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) notification option
/ Long-term data logging and remote access to archived information
/ Application browser provides “read-only” access to data.


450x1800x2400 WxHxL

Dedicated Ancillary Equipment:

/ Transportation system
/ Loading station
/ Cooling station
/ Stainless steel instrumentation
/ Closed Cooling Water System (ZOWOCH)
/ Gas buffer tank
/ Helium recycling system
/ Noise protection for the pumping system
/ Dew point measurement system at the gas inlet
/ Separate chiller for cooling the diffusion pump
/ Basket for temperature distribution
/ Datapaq
/ Time-saving spare parts kit

Furnace options

/ High vacuum through diffusion pump, cryogenic, or turbomolecular pump
/ Higher temperature operation
/ Low-temperature and cryogenic trapping / Color selection

Control System Options

/ Choice of control system – PLC, IPC
/ Managed power control system
/ Independent data logger
/ Remote control and monitoring
/ Air-conditioned control cabinet


Different types of loadin in multi chambers vab Different types of loadin in multi chambers vab

Different types of loadin in multi chambers vab



/ Brazing

/ Automotive and off-road industries,
Power generators and power plants,
/ Aviation,
/ Railroad,
/ Electronics,
/ Home devices,

/ Wszystkie stopy aluminium, które można lutować za pomocą topnika, można lutować próżniowo, Ponadto, niektóre stopy aluminium zawierające magnez (np. seria 5xxx), które nie są łatwo lutowane w procesie topnikowym, mogą być lutowane w próżni

/ Stosując prawidłowe techniki, stopy serii lxxx, 3xxx, 5xxx i 7xxx mogą być próżniowo lutowane

/ vacuum as a protective and technological atmosphere eliminates the need to use harmful process gases and their emission to the environment,

/ no CO₂ emissions, no use of fossil fuels,

/ gas utilization for cooling (nitrogen, argon), captured and returned to the air, neutral for the environment,

/ reinforced thermal insulation saves electricity (approx. 20%),

/ high energy efficiency of used electrical components (IE3 class motors, inverter control, etc.),

/ application of systems and algorithms limiting energy and technological factor consumption (pumping, heating and cooling systems),

/ no harmful substance emissions,

/ reduction of hardening deformations and downstream machining costs,

/ elimination of part washing after heat treatment.

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