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SECO/LENS – The implementation of virtual technologies into the production process


See what others cannot see

You need a system that will increase the efficiency of the production process and reduce the response time to service requests. You want your team to have training, service and diagnostic support, and at the same time, you want a guarantee that in case of unplanned downtime, you will receive support immediately.

We know how important it is to maintain production continuity

We know your needs – we are also a production company. That’s why, even today, we give you technologies of the future that will allow you to:

  • Increase the reliability of production.
  • Use saved time for strategic planning.
  • Take control of the processes, even when you are away from the devices.


See what others do not see – gain an advantage 

  • Reduce production and service costs.
  • Speed up and improve diagnostic, research and development processes.
  • Reach for independence and mobility of solutions.


Join the group of the largest players in new technologies in the world. Experience the power of the latest technology: SECO/LENS



SECO/LENS is an application that, based on Microsoft holographic computer – HoloLens, introduces heavy industry into the world of augmented reality.

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What is and what is not the SECO/LENS technology?


Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are two technologies that are often mentioned simultaneously and often confused.

VR and AR are approaches of different but similar formats. What is the difference between them? Virtual reality (VR) replaces the real one, cutting off the user from the environment. AR is a technology that enriches its experience, supporting the real world with artificial images, sounds or other stimuli, and SECO/LENS is based on this technology.

What else will you gain from SECO/LENS?

SECO/LENS is an application that, based on Microsoft holographic computer – HoloLens, introduces heavy industry into the world of augmented reality.

SECO/LENS can superimpose previously developed 3D model of the device for heat treatment of metals enabling its monitoring, diagnostics, maintenance of the production process, remote repair and planning the most optimal layout of the production line on the hall. SECO/LENS will allow for very accurate visualization of SECO/WARWICK solutions, as well as for conducting training on the operation of the device without the need for expensive and time-consuming travel.


SECO/LENS is a new era of working with SECO/WARWICK devices – it’s the era of interaction. Introduction of virtual technologies to the production process, training, and operation of our devices are significant benefits, more intuitive device operation, increased mobility, increased efficiency and reduced response times to service requests.