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The latest technologies


SECO/WARWICK is the leader in metal heat treatment. To be there, you need to create and implement technology that breaks the rules.


metal heat treatment technologies SECO/LENS

SECO/LENS –  holographic solution for monitoring, diagnostics or remote furnace repair.

The implementation of virtual technologies into the production process, training and the use of our equipment in the whole world will bring substantial benefits for us and our customers. This is the new era of working with the SECO/WARWICK equipment – the era of interaction.



4D Quench®

4D Quench® – is a vacuum heat treatment system solution for individual quenching of component parts such as gears, shafts, bearing races, rings, selves, etc. made of standard or custom case and through hardening steels. The system operates under nitrogen. It provides excellent distortion control and notably increases precision and repeatability of heat treatment while reducing unit and overall production costs.




Vector 3D is an evolution of single-chamber vacuum furnace top SECO/WARWICK product. This solution combines all advantages of gas quenching units and on the top of that meets new requirements that comes from Additive Manufacturing market. Vector 3D allows to perform process like sintering, debinding, stress relieving, aging or solution heat treatment which are the key processes for metal 3D printing sector.



Super IQ

New-generation universal chamber furnace for carburizing and quenching steel, with an integrated quenching tank. The unit is designed so that it can be added to existing process lines of carburizing chamber furnaces without any need to significantly modify the existing infrastructure.




Patented convection, nozzle heating system of aluminum coils used in the process of mid-operational and final annealing. Energy-efficient and effective system based on specially shaped nozzles generating spiral flow of heating medium coupled with efficient fan and unique steering system.


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