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Grow your business with a new dimension of support for heat treatment equipment & processes


This 40-60 minute long Webinar will discuss ZeroFlow(r) nitriding technology by SECO/WARWICK. ZeroFlow delivers exceptionally precise and consistent case properties while reducing gas consumption by as much as 75%-90%.




Mark Hemsath

Director of Nitriding and Special Vacuum Furnaces, SECO/VACUUM Technologies

Mark’s experience in the industry began over 30 years ago. In fact, Mark has been designing, building and selling furnaces his whole adult life.
He helped to develop Ion Nitriding technology, Hydrogen Annealing Technology, Vacuum Temper furnaces and various work-related to high-temperature alloy applications and high convection heating systems.
Mark is the North American Nitriding expert for SECO/VACUUM Technologies. He also is focused now on the carburizing market with our innovative Super IQ furnace line and can assist customers with complex and simple component surface engineering needs.

Mobile: +1 419 356 3500


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