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Vacuum furnace for brazing vacuum interrupters

Vacuum furnace for brazing vacuum interrupters  

Vector UHV – vacuum furnace for brazing vacuum circuit breakers (VCB)


Vector is a single-chamber vacuum furnace that is dedicated to the vacuum brazing processing of electrical components, different switch components like vacuum interrupters, and vacuum circuit breakers (VCB) 

These types of applications require a high-purity process atmosphere. Therefore, these furnaces are equipped with turbomolecular pumps to achieve high or ultra-high vacuum.  

Moreover, due to the high purity requirements, the equipment is assembled and tested in a dedicated clean room in our workshop to minimize the risk of contamination inside the furnace system.  


The Vector is a single-chamber horizontal vacuum furnace, equipped with a molybdenum hot zone dedicated for pure processing and turbomolecular pumps to achieve the required highvacuum level. Additionally, the larger size of the furnace is equipped with an additional heating element to ensure optimal uniformity of all processed parts. 

/ Horizontal orientation,
/ Two standard sizes: 600x600x900 and 1000x1000x1200 (with an additional heating element), 
/ Standard horizontal capacity 600kg and up to 1500kg,
/ Metal hot zone,  
/ Six control zones controlled by thyristors,  
/ Ultra-high vacuum thanks to using turbomolecular pumps, 
/ External gas quenching system, 
/ Quenching pressure: 1 bar abs.,  
/ Quenching gases: N2, Ar,
/ A computer control system, operator-friendly.

/ Temperature uniformity: ± 3o
/ Ultimate vacuum: ≤8×10-8 mbar
/ Operating vacuum: at temp. 850oC: 1×10-6 mbar
/ Leak rate: range 1×10-4 mbar l/s 

/ Brazing  

/ Electrical,
/ Energy,
/ Power.

Two sizes: 

/ 600x600x900mm with load weight 200kg without an additional heating element,
/ 1000x1000x1200 with load weight 1200kg or 1500kg with an additional heating element (2x500mmx1000mmx1200mm).
/ other sizes on request.

/ vacuum as a protective and technological atmosphere eliminates the need to use harmful process gases and their emission to the environment,

/ no CO₂ emissions, no use of fossil fuels,

/ gas utilization for cooling (nitrogen, argon), captured and returned to the air, neutral for the environment,

/ reinforced thermal insulation saves electricity (approx. 20%),

/ high energy efficiency of used electrical components (IE3 class motors, inverter control, etc.),

/ application of systems and algorithms limiting energy and technological factor consumption (pumping, heating and cooling systems),

/ no harmful substance emissions,

/ reduction of hardening deformations and downstream machining costs,

/ elimination of part washing after heat treatment.

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