Your browser does not support JavaScript! Vacuum furnace for jet engines repair and maintenance services

Jet engine components will be processed in a Special Application SECO/WARWICK Furnace


SECO/WARWICK will deliver a vertical vacuum furnace to the leader among companies providing leading-edge repair and maintenance services for jet engines.

Vacuum brazing in jet engine service

The system has been designed to carry out clean brazing processes in high vacuum as efficiently as possible, ensuring the highest protection of the treated part surfaces. The solution will be used to process jet engine components.

The German Partner carries out comprehensive repairs of technologically advanced jet engines. The company also has a research center which develops innovative repair techniques for various types of components and entire engines. The group employs several thousand qualified employees in various locations around the world and is a leader among companies repairing and providing full service MRO for jet engines. The purchase of a vertical vacuum furnace will improve production processes and significantly increase the commercial heat treater’s efficiency.

SECO/WARWICK for the aviation industry

SECO/WARWICK has provided vacuum furnaces to companies in the aviation industry for decades. This vast experience is the result of vacuum furnaces operating with above-average quality. The furnaces operate superbly in even the most demanding industries. SECO/WARWICK furnaces produce parts for most top passenger, commercial and military aircraft. SECO/WARWICK furnaces for aviation are executed in accordance with the AMS2750F standard in the second (II) class.

“Aviation is an important sector for us and one of the key industries where we supply industrial furnaces. We perfectly know its needs — high quality results for above-average requirements. Our solutions are already working for this Partner in Central and Eastern Europe. However, this will be the first delivery for the German branch,” explains Maciej Korecki, Vice President of the Vacuum Segment, in the SECO/WARWICK Group. „The vertical vacuum furnace is the answer to the challenges of annealing and brazing larger aviation components. The furnace cooling system provides precision cooling rate control for the parts in process, which is crucial in the aviation industry. Compactness, economy, and intuitive operation are the advantage of this product,” adds M. Korecki

SECO/WARWICK has already supplied vacuum solutions to aviation component manufacturing plants on all continents.

The vertical vacuum furnace is ideal for aviation

The solution ordered by this Partner belongs to the family of vertical vacuum furnaces, enabling vacuum heating and gas cooling under pressure up to 1.5 bar abs. Thanks to the internal cooling gas blower as well as the internal heat exchanger, the furnaces are compact and do not require much space in the hardening room. Graphite insulation and wide heating elements ensure long-term and reliable operation in industrial production conditions.

This versatile furnace is adapted to carry out the following processes: brazing, degassing, annealing, solution heat treatment, aging and tempering. During cooling, the cooling gas circulation with the use of the nozzle blowing system optimizes and ensures excellent uniform cooling of the treated parts. As is the SECO/WARWICK standard, the furnace is also equipped with a dew point sensor, thanks to which the phenomenon of water vapor condensation and, consequently, the possibility of the processed load surface oxidation is eliminated.


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