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SECO/WARWICK to deliver a CAB line to the ReTeK factory in China


SECO/WARWICK, the unquestioned leader in the field of CAB technology, will deliver this solution to Suzhou Ruitaike Machinery (ReTeK), the Chinese manufacturer of parts for condensers and evaporators intended for refrigerators, freezers, 5G base station coolers and air-conditioners.


This new line for brazing under protective atmosphere will be dedicated to the manufacture of parts for electric vehicle battery coolers. Thus, ReTeK will expand their portfolio with an innovative product designed to develop quality products far into the future.

The equipment will be installed in the plant in Suzhou — one of the most dynamically developing Chinese cities. The order stems from ReTeK management’s recognition of the great potential for the growth of the electric vehicle industry in the Chinese market. With flourishing e-mobility, electric vehicle batteries, other similar components intended for these cars, The company projects a huge increase in production numbers. The line ordered by ReTeK includes a pre-heating chamber, radiation furnace, cooling chambers and a dedicated control system. The CAB line will be used for brazing large-size coolers for vehicle batteries.

Another Chinese customer for CAB Brazing

This is yet another SECO/WARWICK Group customer from this region that, during recent months, placed an order for a CAB line. This proves that the interest in electric vehicles is on the increase in this region. In 2020, a total of 3.24M BEV and PHEV vehicles were sold, an increase of 43 percent compared to the previous year. According to analysts, the trend will continue in 2021, estimating that in total, 4.6M electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles are going to be registered.

For approximately 10 years now we have been seeing growth in the electric vehicle sector. Our protective atmosphere aluminum brazing lines are perfect for manufacturing the parts, specifically battery coolers, intended for these vehicles. ReTeK is another Chinese company that has recently placed their trust in us, and ordered a CAB line. It is an honor, and testifies to our strong position in this sector” — said Piotr Skarbiński, Vice-President, Business Segment Aluminum Process and CAB, SECO/WARWICK.

E-mobility, 5G networks and SECO/WARWICK

A key to the success of SECO/WARWICK’s CAB line is the perfect uniformity of temperature across the entire 1.9-meter belt. An additional innovation in these systems consists of the unique design of the curtain section and cooling chambers. The entire design results from the cooperation between SECO/WARWICK and the largest automotive companies.

“This the first time we have worked together with SECO/WARWICK, but we have had the opportunity to observe the achievements on the Chinese market the Group has made when it comes to CAB technology. We knew that this partner will be perfect for us since they have experience in the design of lines for processing large-dimension aluminum coolers. The new equipment will enable us to expand into the battery cooler market. We will also use the new CAB line for the manufacture of heat exchangers for 5G base stations, which are a strong part of our portfolio” — said Mr. Guodong Yue, General Manager of Suzhou Ruitaike Machinery.

China is currently the most-developed country in terms of 5G infrastructure. It already has hundreds of thousands of 5G base stations. When it comes to the deployment of the infrastructure for the new wireless connectivity standard, China has obviously outdistanced other countries. And they do not intend to slow down. In Beijing itself, many new transceivers will be built by the end of the year. This year only, China intends to erect as many as 6 thousand new 5G BTSes. Interestingly, at the end of 2020, their capital already had installed 37,000 of them. The plan developed for this city assumes reaching the ultimate goal of 60 thousand BTSes. This is thus a huge market that enables companies such as Suzhou Ruitaike Machinery to have an optimistic outlook for the future.



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