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North American manufacturer of power transmission components orders a new pit nitriding furnace from SECO/VACUUM


A Toronto Canada-based manufacturer of flight-critical helicopter masts, turbine shafts, engine thrust links and safety critical nuclear components has ordered a new vacuum tempering/gas nitriding furnace from SECO/VACUUM, a SECO/WARWICK Group company.

New furnace for nitriding and nitrocarburizing

The partner will use the new furnace for nitriding and nitrocarburizing and can process loads up to 63” diameter x 175” deep with a load capacity of 13,200-lbs. The customer is adding new heat treating capabilities to handle larger loads and configurations as well as increased production capacity.

ZeroFlow® delivers accurate nitriding, responsibly

SECO/VACUUM’s retort nitriding furnaces achieve optimum results by using uniform high convection heating, precision nitriding potential and ammonia control, along with vacuum purging to reduce operating costs to process a variety of metals. The proprietary ZeroFlow® control technology uses only ammonia as a process gas thereby reducing gas usage and gas emissions.

SECO/VACUUM’s Manager Director, Peter Zawistowski, said, “We are very pleased to collaborate with this precision manufacturer to enable new state-of-the-art nitriding and nitrocarburizing capabilities in their Canadian facility. The ZeroFlow® pit retort furnace with vacuum purge incorporates a unique process developed by SECO/WARWICK to enable precision nitriding at lower cost and with lower emissions than legacy technologies.”

Large furnace for oversized workloads

The new pit nitriding furnace is significantly larger than SECO/VACUUM’s standard maximum size. At 175” deep, it’s nearly 80% deeper than the standard 98” furnace. With a working temperature range of 300° – 1,300°F (150° – 700°C) and temperature uniformity of +/-5°, the furnace boasts the lowest ammonia consumption in the industry and includes a burn-off stack to neutralize gas emissions from the system, making it the most environmentally responsible nitriding furnace in the industry.

ZeroFlow® Pit Nitrider is ideal for large power components

Component manufacturers and in-house heat treating departments in aerospace and land-based turbine markets frequently process long, oversized, dense power transmission components, and SECO/VACUUM’s Pit Nitriding furnace with vacuum purge is the modern option for achieving precision nitriding with the lowest emissions possible.



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