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Most industry events canceled – heavy industry meets online


No fairs and no meeting opportunities? The heavy industry has found a way to move on. On September 9, experts, specialists, academic lecturers, companies’ presidents from all over the world affiliated with metal heat treat processes will meet at an industry event – e-SEMINAR 4.0 Heat Treatment and Metallurgy.

e-SEMINAR 4.0 Heat Treatment & Metallurgy 2020

This is an international seminar organized by SECO/WARWICK from Świebodzin – the world leader in heat treatment and vacuum metallurgy.

Can it be done online?

In just a few months, the world moved online and leads a parallel life there: private, professional and business, says Katarzyna Sawka, Vice President – Marketing at the SECO/WARWICK Group.

Industry, technology, business trades, shows, conferences and seminars have almost all been canceled, and the enormous potential of the world of science, technology and business has gone into hibernation. e-SEMINAR 4.0 Heat treatment and metallurgy is to meet the needs of meeting, sharing experience and moving forward after a short suspension period” – adds K. Sawka.

Online transmission, interaction, simulation of the conditions of a trade seminar in real life is very difficult, but breaking technological barriers, learning in practice, the creativity of technological applications in everyday life takes place at the industry level every day. The same strategy was used to create the e-seminar.

Canceled industry events – specialists stayed at home

The Metal Heat Treatment Industry traditionally meets at over a dozen events a year. The most important, most popular events are cancelled. This applies to South Africa, Asia, and Europe.

Any cancellation with the reference to a single conference, fair, seminar is not a problem for the entire industry, specialists, companies, businesses but not all of them at the same time. This is a systematic limitation we had to find solution for – adds Sawka.

The prolonged crisis and the growing need for group interaction at the professional level made SECO/WARWICK, together with content partners and media patrons, decide to create an event that would meet these needs using the best technologies available in the world for interactive meetings.

The reaction of the world of science and business to the idea of ​​a large online meeting

The enthusiasm with which our invitations addressed to the greatest authorities in the industry were accepted and willingness to participate as speakers, conducting individual blocks of the seminar, show that the idea is right,concludes Katarzyna Sawka from SECO/WARWICK.

Among the speakers there are:

Daniel Herring of the industry known as “The Heat Treat Doctor” ®,
scientific authorities: Piotr Kula, Prof. from the Lodz University of Technology, Paweł Morkisz from AGH,
international industry portals’ representatives – here: Heat Processing, Heat Treat Today, Thermal Processing, Gear Technology, The Monthy,
Polish industry portals’ representatives:, and Przegląd Mechaniczny,
Doug Glenn of Heat Treat Today as the host of one of the thematic blocks.

The list is long, because of a number of renown brands, including Siemens, Pratt & Whitney, Danfoss, Rockwell Automation, Inc. or ExOne.

What do industry authorities say about this form of industry event?

It’s a great opportunity to have a meeting place during the corona virus crisis, to learn, share knowledge about heat treatment processes, because we don’t know when we will have this opportunity again in person, says Oliver Hanitzsch, with ExOne

Today, the need to exchange both technical and practical information on the art and science of heat treatment has never been greater, as the industry’s demands for quality and high-tech solutions to the problems we face are paramount. The ability to conveniently share knowledge in the form of e-learning, especially in the time of a global pandemic, will help us better serve our clients“- says Daniel H. Herring,” The Heat Treat Doctor “®

Why do you have to be at this event? You will meet other experts and compare your experience with theirs. You will broaden your knowledge and skills“- says Irena Dul, Heat Treatment and Brazing Expert Pratt & Whitney Rzeszów S.A.

An event with a social touch

The event organized by SECO/WARWICK is unusual also for another reason, because the participants of the e-SEMINAR online will vote which social goal $ 1 from each ticket will be donated to. In the CSR strategy of the SECO/WARWICK Group one of the areas in the sphere of the company’s social activity is the environment and one of the selected organizations (PETA, WWF or GREENPEACE) will receive the percentage of sales.

During the pandemic time the environment called out for help. We have received this signal, hence the idea of ​​allocating some funds for environmental protection, says Katarzyna Sawka, VP – Marketing at the SECO/WARWICK Group.


Registration will be held until the last day before the event. The language of the event is English. The number of places for participants – unlimited.

Registration: htseminar
9/09/2020. 15: 00-18: 00 CET

The world of heat treatment and metallurgy is now meeting online: e-SEMINAR



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