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Furnace Systems

SECO/WARWICK is a world leader and innovative manufacturer of Continuous Aluminum Solution Heat Treatment Furnace Systems with decades of experience. We provide the complete solution to your needs for a custom-designed system. Many factors contribute to the overall efficiency of SECO/WARWICK’s solution heat treatment systems. Convection heating using high-velocity air distributes heat evenly and efficiently, producing close temperature uniformity.

Our time-tested insulation system further enhances efficiency and has proven to be one of the most durable linings today. A variety of circulated airflow patterns add further efficiencies to our furnace designs.

Our design engineers work closely with your engineering and production staff to ensure optimum performance for your complete furnace system and overall plant operations.

We offer complete turnkey capabilities for each project including:

/ Foundation outline
/ Continous Solution heat treat furnaces, Aging furnaces
/ Load handling systems
/ Control systems
/ Automated product tracking
/ Installation

SECO/WARWICK uses various designs for recirculating airflow using axial and centrifugal style fans designed specifically for your application, including:

/ SW guarantees +/-3℃ temperature uniformity in the last phase of soaking. Immersion times as low as 10s.
/ Horizontal reversing cross flow
/ Longitudinal airflow (or tunnel flow). The recirculated air travels down the length of the furnace or zone of control. This is ideal for mass production of aluminum parts in baskets or on racks.
/ Vertical airflow (either upward or downward) is generally used for baskets of small aluminum castings or forgings.
/ Start-up and testing
/ Training

Selecting the proper airflow is dictated by the density and configuration of the load, desired production rate, available floor space, required heating times and temperature uniformity, transport method, heating method, etc. ANSYS analytical software can be used to evaluate the heating rate of the load prior to selecting the most efficient airflow method. Actual load testing capabilities are available to confirm the theoretical results.

Following heat treatment, load cooling is critical to achieving acceptable metallurgical results. SECO/WARWICK has experience with many different cooling systems. Choices include mobile or stationary dunk type quenches, elevator type quenching or spray systems.

Optional quenching features include motor-driven mixers, heat exchangers, immersion elements and indirect fired heaters.

These high efficiency furnaces provide a competitive edge to producers of aircraft and automotive components, while meeting the most rigid cost and production specifications.

Continuous furnaces provide flexibility for a wide range of products. By using variable speed drives, the residence time and soak time can be increased or decreased to meet your specific needs.

SECO/WARWICK’s unique system of separating the heat and soak chambers with internal doors provides unmatched flexibility and temperature control. By incorporating a discharge chamber, you can unload the furnace without affecting the temperature uniformity of the remaining work pieces. High-speed mechanisms quickly transfer the work to the quench medium.


SECO/WARWICK builds solution heat treating furnace systems for aluminum castings, aluminum plate, aluminum forgings, aluminum extrusions, aircraft applications and billet preheating. With our experience and turnkey capabilities, we will continue to be a world leader and innovative manufacturer of solution heat treatment furnace systems. SECO/WARWICK is your complete supplier of heat treatment and aging furnace systems.


We offer equipment layout recommendations aimed at economizing space, manpower and operations. To ensure immediate, accurate performance, SECO/WARWICK mechanically and electrically tests each furnace in our facility prior to shipment, unless size prohibits assembly prior to shipment.


Control systems supplied with the furnace line will typically include a programmable controller and a personal computer for automatic operation. The process software is written by SECO/WARWICK engineers familiar with solution heat treat processes and load handling requirements.

/ Solution HT
/ Aging.


/ high efficiency auto recuperator burners up to approx. 86% output,

/ ecological, biosoluble insulation with a properly selected thickness to optimize losses through the walls.

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