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Quenching in the 4th Dimension: Controlling Heat Treat Distortion

4D Quenching technology provides safe and simple hands-off heat treatment processing, without the challenges of press quenching. In this webinar presented by Tom Hart, Product Manager at SECO/VACUUM Technologies, we will show how quenching in 4 dimensions produces up to 1 million perfectly uniform gears per year.


  • What is the 4th dimension in quenching
  • How to control and avoid distortion in heat treatment processes
  • When to use 4D quenching to reduce costs
  • Why 4D quenching is so good that it’s equal to a press quench process
  • Which factors make it the safest when it comes to high volume through-put

Now, learn about Quenching in the 4th Dimension! Register for this webinar today!

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