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TITANIUM Virtual 2020

Titanum Virtual 2020 is an opportunity to meet specialists of SECO/WARWICK Group and its 4 vacuum metallurgy technologies:

Plasma Arc Melting System (PAM) – uses an electrically excited gas, usually helium or argon, to melt reactive and refractory metals in an inert gas atmosphere

Electron Beam – provides the user with proven technology for refining a wide range of special metals. This furnace combines the ease of use and low-cost maintenance of a cold bottom in order to melt reactive and refractory metals in a vacuum chamber.

– Cold Wall Induction – uses a water-cooled and copper crucible instead of traditional graphite or ceramic, thus preventing contamination of a melted material.

Vacuum Arc Remelt (VAR) – vacuum furnaces designed for melting reactive and refractory metals and steel.

We look forward to seeing you at Titanum Virtual 2020!


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