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4th Gears Seminar Machining and Heat Treatment

“4th Gears Seminar Machining and Heat Treatment” is a three-day online conference, during which our specialist – Łukasz Chwiałkowski – will present three technologies during three lectures on top SECO/WARWICK’s technologies, solving everyday problems of heat treatment:

Pit – LPC – will reduce the costs of the procedure, take care of ecology, and enable increased production. How? By carrying out the process in a vacuum at higher temperatures.

CaseMaster Evolution T – can replace existing lines and generators used for mass heat treatment in a protective atmosphere and oil quenching, while ensuring greater precision and repeatability of the process. This solution greatly improves the quality of the process and reduces costs.

UniCase Master – revolutionizes the technology and process of continuous heat treatment of gears, which challenges conventional surface hardening methods.

You will be able to listen to a SECO/WARWICK’s specialist on February 23 and 24.

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