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Brazilian Heat Treatment Seminar 2020

Meet SECO/WARWICK’s specialists online!

Brazilian Heat Treatment Seminar will take place on 6 – 8.10.2020. Every day during this online event, SECO/WARWICK’s experts will have the opportunity to meet you.

06.10.20 at 10:00 – Łukasz Chwiałkowski from the Vacuum Business Segment presents the PIT LPC product – Modern alternative for atmosphere furnaces – 21st century Low Pressure Carburizing (LPC) for large case depths.
07.10.20 at 10:00 – SECO/WARWICK’s specialist talk with Petra Priknerova from Prikner about the complexity of heat treatment technology.
08.10.20 at 10:10 – This is a meeting with Thomas Hart, who will talk about reducing costs in heat treatment.

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