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SECO/WARWICK at Titanium Europe 2019

RETECH (a SECO/WARWICK subsidiary) is the global leader in the area of vacuum metallurgical treatment, both in terms of the product portfolio and the number of systems implemented, which we are going to prove to Titanium Europe participants – In Austria, the SECO/WARWICK group will showcase the vacuum induction melting and casting furnaces.

Innovative technologies for the best solutions

Meet us and learn about unique and innovative Vacuum Induction Melting technologies and the solutions, which have been successfully launched to the global investment casting industry:

PLASMA ARC MELTING (PAM) – Cold Hearth furnaces use an electrically excited gas, typically Helium or Argon, to melt reactive and refractory metals in a sealed chamber, under inert atmosphere. Plasma furnaces can be designed for a wide range of sizes, from a few pounds to many tons, as well as production of everything from ingots and powder to castings. Our plasma arc melting furnaces can be configured with one or multiple torches, any number of feed systems as well as casting and withdrawal chambers to meet the needs of our customers.

ELECTRON BEAM (EB) MELTING – a proven refining technology for a wide range of specialty metals that utilizes the ease of use and low maintenance of Von Ardenne guns and cold hearth to melt reactive and refractory metals in a sealed vacuum chamber. Electron Beam furnaces can be configured with one or multiple guns, various feed systems and withdrawal chambers to meet the needs of our customers.

COLD WALL INDUCTION (CWI) MELTING – systems thatare ideally suited for casting of special materials , like Reactive Metals, Refractory Metals and Shape Memory Alloys, utilize segmented, water-cooled cooper crucibles, in place of traditional graphite or ceramics, thereby preventing contamination of the charge material(s). These systems can be configured to meet the needs of our customers and their stringent production requirements.

VACUUM ARC REMELT (VAR) – furnaces are designed to re-melt reactive and refractory metals as well provide the very latest solutions in high-production, maintenance-friendly systems utilizing fully integrated process control architecture and built-in features for safe, efficient operation. VAR furnaces can be configured for a range of capacities for producing ingots or castings, from a laboratory scale to many tons, depending on customer requirements.

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