Your browser does not support JavaScript! 22nd SECO/WARWICK Seminar Heat Treatment 4.0 has come to an end

22nd SECO/WARWICK Seminar Heat Treatment 4.0 has come to an end


130 participants, 20 prelegents, 15 hours of discourse, 3 theme blocks, 2 special evenings – and only one kind of event in the heat treatment industry!


As declared, SECO/WARWICK’s Seminar had a refresher form, which means theme blocks, discussion panels, and, as every year, lectures of best heat treatment specialist.

From 10th to 12th September the elite of experts discussed modern industry solutions, technologies, and challenges.

Knowledge & future according to SECO/WARWICK

22nd edition was officially opened by the new SECO/WARWICK Group CEO, Sławomir Woźniak, and the event has been led by friends from Lodz and Poznan Universities of Technology. This year, in cooperation with scientists, the program has been divided into 3 theme blocks: aviation and energy industries, mass industry, and service hardening. And, although substantive lectures, the discussion panels were appreciated through the most positive feedback.

A brand new approach

A brand new approach concerned not only the event but also a service defining. Having the number of business decisions that you must make every day and the necessity of uninterrupted availability of your devices in mind, we have introduced the original SECO/PREDICTIVE system to our offer.

SECO/PREDICTIVE is an advanced, intelligent device control system that can detect potential failures before they occur. SECO/PREDICTIVE guarantees high efficiency in supporting maintenance processes and ensures maximum comfort of use.

The Seminar – not only business platform

The SECO/WARWICK event is highly appreciated due to the possibility of relation establishing and strengthening. Here, in an informal atmosphere (i. e. Ice Breaker), participants had the networking opportunity that continued during an elegant Gala Dinner. The magic show, presented by two best magicians, Filip and Sławomir Piestrzeniewicz, was the highlight of the evening. Seminar 4.0 means also the Magic 4.0 – the connection of these two worlds was perfectly reasonable, since as SECO/WARWICK, as the magic duo creates tough and amazing solutions.

And this year, during the 22nd Seminar the worlds of business, science and magic have met.



60seconds about the event

60 seconds about the event

Photo gallery

Photo gallery Seminar 2019

Our partner video

21st Seminar Heat Treatment 4.0 – video report


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