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How SECO/WARWICK defines Heat Treatment 4.0


The first industrial revolution began with the steam engine; the next step was mass production using electricity, and Industry 3.0 introduced computerization and automation.


The fourth industrial revolution builds on the established technology with smart systems fueled by data and machine learning. SECO/WARWICK is not only the part of Industry 4.0, SECO/WARWICK defines Heat Treatment 4.0.

Heat Treatment 4.0 made by SECO/WARWICK

How? Through extensive research and testing in SECO/LAB™, development in nanotechnology, SECO/LENS® augmented reality and SECO/PREDICTIVE™ cloud-based predictive maintenance systems. SECO/WARWICK’s award-winning technology and cooperation with major technical institutions along with Microsoft and Siemens places them at the forefront of technical innovation in global heat treatment.

“SECO/WARWICK has created a legacy of innovation by perfecting current technologies and reaching for the future by continuously testing new ideas and new methods for achieving smart solutions to serve our customers with solutions to advance their commercial success utilizing all of the tools available through Industry 4.0,” according to Sławomir Woźniak, SECO/WARWICK Group CEO.

Technical leadership in research and development

SECO/LAB is SECO/WARWICK’s center for extensive research, testing and analysis for a wide variety of thermal processes, hardware and software development that enables the company to keep abreast of changes in the metallurgical requirement for demanding customers in SECO/WARWICK’s primary markets: aircraft, aerospace, defense, automotive, architecture and commercial heat treatment.

An in-house testing facility allows SECO/WARWICK to perform advanced tests to meet each customer’s specific requirements. The staff at SECO/LAB can perform quick and professional technological tests, and their results inform the optimum solution for each customer’s requirements.

SECO/WARWICK is a leader in the research and development of process solutions for graphene, a material whose properties are the object of interest in numerous industries. Graphene has good heat and electric conductivity may store renewable energy and has the potential to replace silicon in many applications. Graphene manufactured with SECO/WARWICK equipment has future applications in the electronics, power generation, photovoltaic and plastic industries.

New reality for manufacturing – SECO/LENS

SECO/LENS, SECO/WARWICK’s unique augmented reality system brings the advances in virtual reality to manufacturing enabling users to view equipment, systems and processes in 3D. SECO/WARWICK partnered with Microsoft to adapt its holographic computer systems, HoloLens, to metallurgical applications in the manufacturing environment. That’s the first use of this technology by heat treatment industry.

SECO/LENS can superimpose a 3D model of a specific piece of equipment or an entire technological line enabling its monitoring, diagnostics, maintenance, remote repair and planning the most optimal layout of the production line on the plant floor. SECO/LENS will create a very accurate visualization of the system, permitting staff training on the operation of the equipment without the need for expensive and time-consuming travel.

SECO/LENS, however, is not the only way of SECO/WARWICK’s utilizing AR. The company also uses augmented reality technology to present its newest products, enabling users to see the furnace from every side – they interact with it by rotating, zooming in and out the 3D object.

If you have a phone nearby, you can experience it yourself by going to: and scan the below pictures with a phone.

AR 1 AR 2

Preventing production problems before they occur

Experienced field service technicians cite delayed maintenance as the primary reason for downtime in heat treatment equipment. In most cases, by the time a problem is diagnosed, the equipment has to be shut down and taken off-line for repairs – frequently expensive repairs, with long lead times resulting a loss of revenue for the customer.

Recognizing the need to prevent problems before they occur was the motivation behind SECO/WARWICK’s SECO/PREDICTIVE maintenance system. SECO/PREDICTIVE uses artificial intelligence to collect data from intelligent sensors, continuously analyzing the data and generates optimization proposals that can be implemented in the equipment. The solution is completed with a remote access and notification system, a report and analysis function, and an interactive calendar that informs the user of required inspections and maintenance work.

SECO/WARWICK award-winning technology

SECO/WARWICK continues to receive recognition and awards for innovation and their commercial success in serving global markets with cutting edge technology and service.

The most recent awards include:

  • The Honorary Badge for meritorious performance in the area of innovation from the Patent Office and industrial property protection system in Poland.

  • At the 2018 Economic Congress, SECO/WARWICK was given the Commercial Award of Lubuskie Voivodeship Marshal for their contribution to the development and promotion of the region. The Congress included a discussion platform dedicated to Industry 4.0 issues, in which SECO/WARWICK took part as a representative of new technological solutions.

  • For three consecutive years, SECO/WARWICK was named the Symbol of Innovation, the Leader of Innovation and the Business Leader for heat treatment of metals as one of the most innovative companies.



SECO LAB Professional technological tests

SECO/LAB performs quick and professional technological tests

Seco Predictice defines Heat treatment 4.0

SECO/PREDICTIVE uses artificial intelligence to collect data

SECO LENS Virtual technologies

SECO/LENS – The implementation of virtual technologies into the production process


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