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Aluminum Aging and Annealing Furnaces

Aluminum Aging and Annealing Furnaces


Comprehensive tailor-made solutions for the aluminum industry


SECO/WARWICK is a world leader and innovative manufacturer of Aging and Annealing Furnaces with decades of experience. We provide the complete solution to your needs for a custom designed system. Many factors contribute to the overall efficiency of SECO/WARWICK’s solution heat treatment systems. Convection heating using high velocity air distributes heat evenly and efficiently, producing close temperature uniformity.

A variety of circulated airflow patterns add further efficiencies to our furnace designs.

/ Mass Flow design, especially for wire, profile and foil (less than 100microns) annealing, where the surface of the load is vulnerable to damages during high atmosphere flow.
/ Furnaces for T77 process heat treatment
Continuous roller hearth furnaces for mass production
/ Scrap dryers
/ Stress relieving furnaces
SECO/WARWICK is manufacturer of chamber aging furnaces meeting most up to date strict AMS and CQI-9 requirements, both for pyrometry and material. Along with the furnace we deliver control system complying to AMS and NADCAP certification adaptation. All the provided furnaces are tailored made and sized to Customers’ load baskets and treated parts. Dedicated loading cars facilitate loading process and can be used for continuous process with two door furnace construction.

T77 aging furnaces allow for multi-stage and multi-ramp processes guarantying process repeatability and reliability. Furnace design allows for +/-10% air flow uniformity in the entire furnace. Cold air injection system is provided for low temperature heating.

All the offered furnaces are lined with long lasting and effective mineral insulation.


SECO/WARWICK can provide low cost crap drying furnaces in Class 2 or 3 with the hearth adapted for container loading with the use of forklift. Furnaces provide simple recirculation systems with the use of centrifugal fans and water vapor evacuations system.

Heating system is based on compact low cost heating elements easy to replace. Control cabinet is installed on the furnace and equipped with simple controller for process parameters input.

The doors are opened manually.

/ Various designs of airflow depending on the load configurations – horizontal or vertical
/ Aging and annealing furnaces with wide working temperature range
/ 1 class thermocouples (+/-1,5°C) or AMS dedicated (+/-1,1°C)
/ +-2°C temperature uniformity in 1 Class furnace
/ Possibility to use Siemens or Allen Bradley PLC as a recorder along with certified thermocouple modules. No need to use external recorder
/ Full data and trends archive starting from 0.1°C and 1s tact.
/ Aerospace
/ Automotive
/ Energy


/ high efficiency auto recuperator burners up to approx. 86% output, heat recovery from the exhaust for nitrogen heating,

/ ecological, biosoluble insulation with a properly selected thickness to optimize losses through the walls.


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