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AAPEX 2021

APPEX/NARSA 2021 is an important event where SECO/WARWICK will feature batch and continuous controlled atmosphere brazing (CAB) systems, including the Universal Batch CAB system.

For decades, SECO/WARWICK has been playing the leading role in the development and introduction of innovations to CAB system technologys. The Universal CAB Batch Furnace provides high aluminum brazing quality for lower volume producers.  It is designed to braze the widest variety of heat exchangers in a horizontal or vertical position depending on the product design requirements. It operates on a part-time basis and produces the highest quality parts with the standard or vacuum purge options, respectively.

SECO/WARWICK is renowned for developing the CAB brazing technology and is one of the most experienced suppliers worldwide.

Visit us at booth #R9432 to learn more:

  • The CAB Batch Furnace family consists ofs two basic types of batch models that are available in a variety of configurations including the standard batch CAB, plus units equipped with the vacuum purging option. The two-chamber atmosphere batch system allows for variable heating and cooling rates, depending on product requirements.

The SECO/WARWICK team would love to meet you at the event! If you are interested in meeting with our team, please drop us an email ( – we’ll be happy to schedule a meeting or provide more information.

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