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AlCircle Expo 2022

AlCircle Expo 2022 is an initiative to bring all the global players of the aluminum value chain under one roof.  SECO/WARWICK plays an important role in the aluminum field. That’s why the first-choice   aluminum player presence, at this virtual exhibition, is obligatory. We would like to provide an immersive experience, while presenting and connecting you with our best technology and top specialists.

The first choice #aluminum #heattreatment systems at AlCircle Expo!

Catch up with us at this online event to learn more about #SECOWARWICK’s Aluminum Furnace Systems that operate in more than 30 countries and are chosen by the demanding industries.

Discover these top technologies:

VertiQuench® – Drop Bottom Furnaces for Aluminum Heat Treating and Ageing Systems

Aluminum Aging and Annealing Furnaces  – Mass Flow design, especially for wire, profile and foil (less than 100microns) annealing, where the surface of the load is vulnerable to damages during high atmosphere flow

Afterburn – the device that effectively reduces the emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC). The afterburner system used for decades in the manufacturing lines of aluminum heat exchangers is now implemented for both mass flow and Vortex® technology furnaces for aluminum coil annealing applications

Vortex® – Aluminum coil annealing system

If you want to learn more about our latest technologies, visit our virtual booth and get to know our experts.

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