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RAPID + TCT is the only place in North America where you can network with SECO/WARWICK’s Group experts and discover heat treatment technology for AD.  The Additive Manufacturing world requires a proactive approach from heat treatment furnace producers as 3D printing technology is evolving rapidly and furnace design needs to keep up. Read more about it here:

To be one step ahead you need to see:

  • Vector 3D single chamber vacuum quench furnaces for additive manufacturing
  • The Retech Ceramic Induction Gas Atomizer (R-CIGA) – Retech Vacuum Metal Powder systems combine vacuum induction melting of oxygen- sensitive metals & alloys with inert gas atomization for the production of a variety of powder specifications.
  • Plasma Gas Atomizer – Retech Plasma Powder equipment utilizes our Plasma Arc Melting (PAM) technology in combination with gas atomization, spin cup atomization or a spin wheel to produce powders that meet the specific needs of our customers. We strive to ensure those customers remain at the forefront of their prospective markets.
  • Small Scale Atomizer – The Retech Laboratory Scale Atomizer utilizes our state of the art melting technology in combination with advanced atomization techniques to produce highly spherical powders within a narrow Powder Size Distribution (PSD).

We are looking forward to seeing you: SECO/VACUUM (SVT) at booth #1009 and Retech is located next to SVT at #1008

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