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Rotary retort furnace – the 2018 atmosphere heat treatment star


The Rotary retort technology is designed to produce consistently superior quench hardening performance that is required for fast, economical, uniform heat treating of small parts. It provides the process flexibility to be utilized for either single or multi-application production. Ideal applications for the SECO/WARWICK rotary retort furnace include quench hardening, tempering and annealing – in 2018, the atmosphere heat treatment furnace star.

Rotary Retort Furnace

Rotary retort furnaces are used to process an exceptionally wide variety of small parts including screws, nuts, bolts, nails, washers and coins so they are particularly popular among tooling industry or mints.

The rotary retort furnace can be built as a standalone quench hardening or annealing furnace with its metering loader and integral quench system, or as part of a full harden-quench and draw line with tempering furnace, washer(s), atmosphere generator(s), analyzers, etc.

2018 in a good atmosphere

When it comes to sales of atmosphere systems, for SECO/WARWICK, 2018 was a successful year. “We’re very pleased with our results in 2018; these results reflect continuing momentum in our business and constitute another record year as a highlight in our journey to maintain a leading market position. More importantly, this allows us to keep investing in product development and expansion into new markets,” said Jarosław Talerzak, Thermal Heat Treatment Furnace Systems VP at SECO/WARWICK.

Constant process technology improvements coupled with expertise and decades of experience allows SECO/WARWICK to accommodate the increasing demands of worldwide customers. It is the equipment quality and high level of services that resulted in attracting new and returning customers. One of the later ones, in 2018, was the main producer of forgings in Central Europe for strategic markets, who invested in single-chamber furnace type PEK. Its special design reduces the consumption of process factors and investment costs while maintaining the high quality of thermally processed parts. Another project was the renowned manufacturer of high-quality matrix forgings, construction connectors and manual tools, who purchased a CaseMaster AFS – a multipurpose Sealed Quench chamber furnace, intended for thermal and thermo-chemical treatment in a controlled endothermic atmosphere.

Fire resistant icon

Extensive experience and modern technologies are what makes SECO/WARWICK an iconic brand in the production of laboratory furnaces for fire resistance testing. Among customers noticing the significance of reliable fire resistance testing, in 2018, were KNAUF SAS, a French leader of the construction material industry, Roxtec, a Swedish leader within sealing solutions for cable and pipe transits, both purchasing a fire resistance test furnace for vertical and horizontal components of building structures, and svt Brandschutz Vertriebsgesellschaft GmbH International, a German supplier of fireproof materials and systems.

Feel the atmosphere of advanced technology

SECO/WARWICK is a technological leader in innovative heat treatment furnaces. In the production of atmosphere heat treatment solutions, the company uses extended experience and state-of-the-art technology to simplify installations, reduce investment costs, and reduce process utilities consumption.


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