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SECO/WARWICK’s Vector® starts its route to India


India’s manufacturer of feed machinery and contractor for “turnkey” agricultural engineering projects has placed an order with SECO/WARWICK for a Vector vacuum furnace with vertical insertion of loads. The equipment will be used in the production of ring dies and rollers for palletizing equipment. These are the parts used in many common large-dimensionagricultural machines


Vector vacuum furnace with vertical insertion of loads

Furnace with unlimited possibilities

The furnace ordered by India’s Company is a vacuum device with vertical insertion of loads. Its maximum parameters are: quenching gas pressure — 15 bar, max. gross load weight — 2500 kg and working space dimensions of 1500×2000 mm.

Vector will be used for the treatment of ring dies and rollers for palletizing. In addition, the device will also be used in commercial treatment processes. The furnace will be used mostly for heat treatment of tool steels — being mostly dedicated to carburizing, hardening and tempering processes. In addition, the device is equipped with vacuum carburizing system, and its versatile design makes it possible to modify and adapt it to specific needs of our individual partners.

The furnace on order belongs to the solution that has been operated in more than 70 countries and by hundreds of companies. It is a versatile device that guarantees the highest quality of heat treatment, which explains its popularity among many industries.

Long engagement — the finale of many years of negotiations

The contract for delivery of a Vector furnace to the Indian factory comes after many years of talks. “We met this partner a few years ago. They came to our company several times. The final decision on the purchase of our device was made already in 2019, during our educational seminar in Pune, but in view of the global crisis we agreed on postponing the order performance, which is now being completed” — said Maciej Korecki, VP Business Segment Vacuum Heat Treatment, SECO/WARWICK Group.

“It was a really long process, which resulted in a successful project. I am truly convinced that Vector will meet the expectations like it did with other customers. Partnership and support for our customers lay at the foundation of our business” — added Manoranjan Patra, Managing Director, SECO/WARWICK India.

The Vector solves problems

The purchased furnace will make it possible to minimize distortion in the production process. With vertical working space (with the height of 2000 mm) in enables processing of long workpieces. It is also fitted with a turning hearth in order to make it possible to turn the load during cooling. With the directional cooling system controlled using a variable frequency drive, the workpieces will be evenly subjected to thermal processes. Vector is a versatile device and enables carrying out carburizing processes (LPC), gas quenching up to 15 bar abs. and tempering. All of that in a single process.

“The innovativeness and versatility convinced this company to purchase Vector. They needed a device with large working space, dedicated to three processes: carburizing, gas quenching and tempering. So far, they have had solutions involving conventional heat treatment, that is pit furnace working under atmosphere with oil quenching. Now the customer will benefit from all the advantages of the vacuum heat treatment.

The fact that our furnace meets the cooling rate requirements specified among others in the NADCA (North American Die Casting Association) standard and is equipped with a high-performance gas cooling system was also important.” — commented Manoranjan Patra, Managing Director, SECO/WARWICK India



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