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3 in 1 from SECO/WARWICK for Kamyanka in Ukraine


The Ukrainian company – Kamyanka Machine Building will use the technologically advanced SECO/WARWICK solution to perform three heat treatment processes in a single furnace instead of in separate operations




The Machine Factory in Kamyanka, Ukraine, has operated since 1936, currently producing over 50 types of pumps for the chemical, metallurgy, and energy markets as well as other industries. The company provides its solutions to many countries of Eastern, Central Europe and Asia.

Vacuum furnace for special tasks with extensive equipment

The contract for the supply of a comprehensive installation for heat treatment of pump parts means a radical improvement in the parameters of the parts, less deformation and longer life of all components. The production line includes the VECTOR 15VP furnace for hardening, quenching and tempering. The furnace will be equipped with a closed water system and gas installation so that the device can work independently. Additional equipment will also include the LPC (vacuum carburizing) option as well as quenching, heating in gas and isothermal cooling. Thanks to this the factory will be able to carry out the full heat treatment process in one device in accordance with their requirements. Typically, such a process is conducted in three separate devices, and thanks to the unique solution from SECO/WARWICK engineers, they can take place in a single furnace. This solution will reduce the cost of the entire investment, as well as subsequent expenditures on the operation of the installation.

In cooperation with its clients, SECO/WARWICK is constantly looking for innovative solutions that solve key problems of previous technologies, and that are safe, ecological and durable. Because of this development philosophy, hundreds of SECO/WARWICK furnaces are currently operating worldwide in a wide range of industries. SECO/WARWICK has become the first-choice company in providing innovative solutions for heat treatment and metallurgy.

3 industrial furnaces in 1 and many benefits

The use of one furnace with optional equipment for three heat treatment processes – hardening, quenching, and tempering – provides a whole range of benefits. The device is simpler and faster to install than 3 separate furnaces, requires less space, provides up to 40% energy savings, reduces processing and cooling times, and thus overall production cycles, and is simple and precise to use. The furnace control includes a number of facilities, as well as human error protection. All operations are saved on hard disks and made available online to SECO/WARWICK service technicians to monitor compliance of the device’s operating parameters.


This is the first order from the Kamyanka Machine Building for SECO/WARWICK, and another for SECO/WARWICK in Ukraine, which is becoming an important market for the Group’s operations.

“The goal of SECO/WARWICK is the strong presence of its solutions on Eastern European markets, because we want our solutions to be more and more widely used and for SECO/WARWICK technologies to become the first choice of engineers,” said Sławomir Woźniak, President of the SECO/WARWICK Group.

“The solution we implement in Kamyanka Machine Building Plant is the result of many years of experience in the construction and service of the world’s best heat treatment solutions,” added Maciej Korecki, Vice President of the Vacuum Furnace Segment at SECO/WARWICK.

“By modernizing heat treatment processes, we were looking for a solution that would ensure the availability of the latest global solutions at the highest level of precision. This is what our customers expect. They in turn also constantly improve the quality and precision of their solutions,” said Ivan Nasonov, Executive Director of Kamensky Machine-Building Plant LLC.

Kamyanka: known for prestigious solutions

The plant in Ukraine is known for innovative solutions in pump construction. The plant uses large production halls, has its own thermal laboratory for testing, and employs experienced engineering staff.

The SECO/WARWICK solution will allow the pump manufacturer to transform from salt furnace technology to modern vacuum, which will significantly improve the parameters of manufactured components, reduce deformation, prevent oxidation, and extend the life of individual parts.



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