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SECO/WARWICK and MISAD Join Forces to Shape the Heat Treat Industry in Turkey


Turkey is the transcontinental link between Europe and Asia, and MISAD, Heat Treatment Industrialists Association based in Istanbul is the link with the heat treatment industry. The Turkish economy ranked 19th in the world, 7th in Europe and with a GDP of 851.1 billion USD (2018), Turkey owns significant mineral resources, especially metal ores. For this reason, the presence of SECO/WARWICK in the heat treatment industry in Turkey and active role in their national industry organization is not surprising.


Established in 2008, the Heat Treatment Industrialists Association (MISAD) is made up of 72 members consisting of heat treat companies, service and product providers that cooperate with Universities, scholars and experts on different levels. SECO/WARWICK is a member of this organization, and through the MISAD network shares both knowledge and expertise throughout Turkey’s heat treat community.

“We have realized over a dozen heat treat projects in Turkey starting in 2001. They were mostly aerospace projects with a few applications for the commercial heat treat, energy and automotive markets. SECO/WARWICK is highly recognized in aerospace and would like to broaden our client portfolio to include other industries”, said Maciej Korecki, VP, Vacuum Business Segment at SECO/WARWICK.

“MISAD is a practical organization finding ways to combine University and Industry potential to create joint ventures that benefit everyone in the industry. One of the good examples of this practice is the networking Turkish breakfasts attended by all the MISAD members resulting in close cooperation, new projects, and business investments,” added Korecki.

“With 12 years of experience, we have developed channels and strategies, crucial contacts, and systematic mechanisms to accommodate the needs of the industry to develop their operations and technical universities by using the practical and business potential of companies to collaborate on Research & Development projects. It works. We are happy that the main player in heat treatment market – SECO/WARWICK – is a part of the organization and the market. SECO/WARWICK has joined us in our efforts to shape the heat treat industry in Turkey”, concludes Koray Yavuz, MISAD Chairman.

MISAD key activities and objectives: 

  • Preparation of working standards to provide the basis for a fair competitive environment, check lists, and communication about current standards, regulations and bylaws to association members.
  • The development of human resources ensuring management quality, and raising the educational level and a number of qualified technicians and personnel currently enrolled in high school and 2-year technical college programs.
  • The Association creates the environment to establish a cooperative environment with similar international organizations.
  • MISAD promotes industrial collaboration with universities to advance the field of knowledge in heat treatment.

Active member of industry associations

SECO/WARWICK takes an active role in international industry cooperation. The company is engaged in organizations, associations, technical universities, scholar/academics boards, science institutes, government and non-government, non-profit organizations throughout the world. While the primary collaborative projects are developed in the company’s R&D center, in every country the company has facilities and teams of engineers where there are many forms of cooperation across different business segments, industries, regions, countries, and specialization. The list includes 26 associations in the USA, China, France, Germany, Russia, Poland, Japan, and India. Among the many trades and scientific associations on the list, you can find brands like: AWT, ASM, NARSA, EICF, CUPROBRAZE ALLIANCE, and many more.



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For the third time SECO/WARWICK becomes the Innovations Leader

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