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Global automotive parts manufacturer deploys CaseMaster Evolution® (CMe) Heat Treat System from SECO/WARWICK


Global manufacturer of automotive, power, aerospace components deploys CMe® from SECO/WARWICK. It is the first furnace with LPC technology for this large Indian company.


three-chamber vacuum furnace SECO/WARWICK


CMe was chosen to solve a problem with inter granular oxidation present in traditional atmospheric heat treat furnaces. The furnace will be dedicated to small and large gear, pinion and other types of automotive gears.

Three chambers double the performance

CaseMaster Evolution–T (CMe-T) – a three-chamber vacuum furnace – delivers economical case hardening using low-pressure carburizing (LPC) technology and oil quenching. The CMe-T furnace can replace existing lines and generators used for mass heat-treatment under protective atmosphere, while ensuring higher precision and process repeatability. This solution stands out not simply because of its three-chamber design, but more significantly because of improved process quality, cost reduction from doubling yields, and increased production flexibility. Further, the CMe-T furnace’s intrinsically safe operation and low environmental impact are becoming more and more important to industry leaders as a whole. These are among the key reasons that aviation and automotive manufacturers are becoming increasingly attracted to CMe-T as their heat treat solution of choice.

“Since our CMe furnace was the first LPC technology used in the client’s facility, we had to take a learning curve into account.  We worked closely with the engineering staff of the client to ensure they understand and use the technology correctly, exploring all the possibilities, advantages, performance and optimizations it offers” – said Maciej Korecki, VP Vacuum Business Segment at SECO/WARWICK.

“Successful implementation took time but paid off with much higher quality standards the company can now offer to their clients, who are currently operating on all continents. The client benefited from pre-sale consultation and post-sale installation as well as training assistance.”- added Manoranjan Patra, Managing Director SECO/WARWICK India.

With hundreds of systems installed worldwide, SECO/WARWICK’s CMe has a proven record of high performance. The technology performs well and is presently used in India, China, North America, Europe and Africa.

Solving one problem – profiting from a number of extras

SECO/WARWICK strives to be the first-choice supplier of solutions for heat treatment and metallurgy everywhere in the world by means of innovation that solves problems and brings solutions where they are most needed.

The customer was looking for a carburizing furnace with no IGO (Inter Granular Oxidation) and after attending a SECO/WARWICK seminar was impressed and initiated technical discussions. During the course of the collaboration, it appeared that the technology not only solves the client’s basic initial problem of intergranular oxidation but also brings a number of unexpected advantages, such as reducing carburizing cycle times, lowering process costs, providing excellent uniformity, optimizing carbon penetration, reducing C02 emissions to zero, and increasing volume production capacities.

It was critical that SECO/WARWICK not only provided high-end technology that solves client’s initial requirement in eliminating inter granular oxidation but also assist in successful implementation of the technology into production workflow and training staff. Due to such approach to implementation the client will consider extending the use of this technology in other applications.

It appears that SECO/WARWICK technology is well suited not only to meet high end standards of such demanding industries as Aerospace, Special Automotive and Defense but can also be used as a solution in traditional carburizing to deliver more productivity, lower operating cost and meet zero pollution goals.

CaseMaster Evolution has been revolutionizing such industries as automotive, hardware, aerospace and commercial heat treating. Successful deployment of this first furnace may be the tipping point for a new technological approach in the Indian OEM market.




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