Your browser does not support JavaScript! Vacuum furnace from SECO/WARWICK for an American metal producer

Superior support wins order for new Vector® vacuum furnace from SECO/VACUUM


American manufacturer of automotive metal seals will be replacing an existing vacuum furnace to meet high performance standards.

SECO/WARWICK Vector vacuum furnace for gas quenching

SECO/VACUUM, a SECO/WARWICK Group company, will deliver Vector high-pressure gas quench furnace (HPGQ) to replace an existing furnace that failed to deliver the performance that the customer required for its tooling and precision sealing products.

The customer’s unique materials expertise and continuous innovation create the basis for customer satisfaction. Executing this promise is not possible without the proper tools in place to ensure a consistent, quality outcome from its manufacturing centers, and those include critical heat treatment capabilities.

Vector® assures the best material quality

The new Vector, with a chamber size of 24” x 24” x 36”, will also be equipped with SECO/PREDICTIVE maintenance software designed to predict issues before they occur, Isothermal Quenching, G QuenchPro software directional cooling, dry screw pump technology, temperature uniformity calibration equipment, gas buffer tank and closed-loop water system. In other words, a turnkey system, to ensure high quality performance and process repeatability.

Peter Zawistowski, Managing Director of SECO/VACUUM, said, “We recognize that every business has a bad day once in a while, but apparently the prior solutions provider consistently dropped the ball on their support to this important customer. We have worked very hard to create the tools and metrics necessary to manage our customers’ vacuum heat treatment processes accurately and without unplanned service interruptions, and while that gives us an important edge, we are also fully committed to direct contact with the customer to anticipate problems and solve them before they occur.”

In addition to the hardware and supervisory tools, SECO/VACUUM will provide extensive training on the new Vector and support it with a 5-year preventive maintenance program.

Continued Zawistowski, “This is the first Vector furnace from SECO/VACUUM for this customer, and they were impressed with the level of interest we paid their team in recommending the tools and auxiliaries to ensure optimum, uninterrupted performance. In fact, we were pleased to hear that the customer researched alternate sources very well and discovered that other SECO/VACUUM customers echoed the same sentiments.”

Vector®, SECO/WARWICK’s versatile high pressure gas quench vacuum furnaces are employed extensively in in-house manufacturing plants across the globe, especially those conducting a wide range of heat treat processes. Whether it’s used for hardening tooling or finished parts, low pressure carburizing, solution heat treating, annealing or other processes, Vector is the modern choice for the agile plant.



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